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Winter Books For Moms

I don’t always have a new years resolution, but I do try to often ask myself what I could be do less or more of to make myself feel more balanced. Maybe drink more water, or get in more steps, etc… Something that’s always on my list is the hopes of finishing more books. I really want 2021 to be the year of more reading. It’s one of the best self care practices I can set for myself. Alone time with a great story to take me away to far away places. These are some on my list that I have read or plan on reading.

An inspirational story of a teenage girl living in Nigeria longing to go to school, where she hopes to find her “Louding Voice”.
A great book for any rebel woman in your life! Story follows three sisters as they pursue the forgotten words of witches from the past.
Discover the hidden lives of some of our hard working undocumented Americans. Bought to us by the first undocumented American to graduate form Harvard.
This book was written at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown. It explores the human emotions that had to navigate our knew reality.
This story follows Ana, a young women born into wealth who is a daring scholar and writer. She writes about neglected and silenced women, while finding her own bold voice.
To what extent will a woman go to leave her mark in the world forever? What will she sacrifice?
Why would a Hollywood actress disappear at the height of her career? Now a year later, she’s back to reclaim her fame.
Margot is the product of a secret affair. Her father a high profile French politician and her mother a famous actress. What happens when Margot threatens to share with the world her truth?
Olivia just moved to Los Angeles to start her very own law firm and has zero interest in dating. But when she meets junior senator Max Powell, things quickly change.
Meg designs custom journals for her New York clientele, but her new found skill is reading the signs others miss. A witty and charming love story.
Jane is broke and walks dogs for a gated community. No one is likely to even notice her, except for Eddie, a recently widowed resident of the community.
As many of us are taking on our new years resolutions, we may also be thinking about how we can manifest our dreams and goal. A dive into the practice of well-wishing.
Hollywood icon Evelyn Hugo is ready to share about her scandalous life. But its who she wants to share her story to and wish thats maybe most scandalous of all.
I always have to include one cook book and this is my latest favorite find. Great to spice things up during the colder months.

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8 thoughts on “Winter Books For Moms”

  1. Reading was something I added more of to my list this year as well. I truly enjoy it and never allowed myself the time.

  2. I love reading a lot. It’s a special moment. I read a lot during my vacations! But I don’t have much time to read during the year. That’s why I started to listen to audible books!

  3. Great books for women. My wife loves books and she’ll definitely recommend some of this books to her friends. Nice list.

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