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Autumn Books List

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve gotten to sit down and gather a new reading list. Books are something that I really enjoy in my free time, as they are such a peaceful escape from reality. Few things are better than curling up after a long day with a good book. I think reading every single day can really do wonders for stress, especially with day to day life in New York City and they can be helpful in so many ways. There are a variety of topics I like to switch between when it comes to reading and those include books on self-improvement, organization, parenting and of course, those that are fun reads!

Here are 15 books for you to check out this season!


People look at the term self-improvement sometimes and think that means something has to be wrong in order to read these, and that’s not the case. Certainly, these types of books are incredibly informative and exist purely to help make your life better and easier. Concurrently, now is the perfect time to work on bettering your routine with the best new book. Furthermore, a change of season can bring a lot of things along with it, and with the new season, there’s always room for improvement. For instance, some of my favorite books are those that improve my routine and give me tips on how to be the best version of myself.


Moreover, does anyone else need a little help organizing their space? Sometimes I don’t know where to begin, but I have found a list of fall books that do a great job at outlining the steps to take and how to rationalize organizing your space. And when you have a clean, organized home, your life itself feels more put together. Everything has a place, you just need to find it. Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to reorganize my apartment in the city, as I’ve really gotten my house out east in great shape. The fall season is one where I feel like I can start fresh. It’s a new school year, it’s time to make sure a sense of organization is there for the year.


Have you read any books on parenting? Again, these exist purely to help make situations easier and maybe even provide clarity on questions we have. It’s the toughest job in the world and as long as I can raise children who are kind, healthy and have confidence, I feel really good. For example, I’ve seen some new books that talk about parenting, but from the perspective of neuroscientists, who know a lot about the brain of a child. Llearning the development part of it and how one side dominates the other, can be really helpful when it comes to parenting. We live in a beautiful world, there doesn’t have to be any family drama purely from a misunderstanding. Every one is different and there’s no rule for how we need to be parenting, but these reads do provide interesting insight and we can take what we’d like from them.

For Fun

Finally, this is the best category! If you’re putting together a fall reading list, you could include the obvious choices that are best-sellers, such as Normal People, Perfect Strangers, Big Little Lies or even Malibu Rising. Besides, this is the category to check out for sure if you’re in a book club or one of the new readers, who is looking into getting into reading in the first place.

Figure out what type of books you like, the genre, that is. Particularly, do you want a suspenseful read, true crime, dark fairytale, historical fiction, a coming-of-age tale, a nonfiction true story, a crime novel or a comedic read? The list can go on and on. Basically, some people like to just read the latest novel or books they never got to from their summer reading lists and those are both perfect options, as they are some of the best books. If you want recommendations on authors, look into a bestselling author, like Colleen Hoover. An autumn story is a really great way to start out the new season.

For more book suggestions, visit here!

Can we start by saying how cute this cover is?! This book is all about travel stories that include good parts, bad parts and what happens when we get out of our routines and go on a family trip.
I love books that can help me be a better, more productive person! This one is great and really breaks down how to get yourself into a routine and work towards being the person you want to be.
If you deal with chronic stress, this is the read for you! It’s a great guide to teach you how to deal with it and heal your body and mind, as stress really can take over everything.
This book is all about a woman who was an actress and extremely successful audiobook narrator. After a tragic accident, she loses sight of her dreams and has to find herself again.
Taking place in the 60’s a scientist suddenly becomes the star of a well known cooking show. She’s not just teaching women how to cook, she’s teaching lessons in equality.
Looking for recipe ideas? This is one of the best cook books, and everything is simple for every day recipes!
This was named one of the best memoirs of the decade! A neurosurgeon is diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, he answers the question of what makes a meaningful life.
It’s easy to learn things, but to unlearn and relearn, takes a lot! This book talks about how to stay curious about the world and focused enough to change things.
If you’re on the hunt for an organizational book, try this one! You can keep your house in order while still keeping the memories.
The title says it all! It’s a fantastic motivational read that keeps you on your way to your goals.
Another organizational book! This one is by the magnificent Marie Kondo, who has a show on Netflix. Her work is life changing!
Learning how a child’s brain works helps learn the best way to handle their emotions and outbursts. For example, the right brain runs emotions and that’s why they can take over logic.
Parenting books can be really insightful and help with the tough moments. Being able to raise kind children who also have confidence is the best accomplishment.
Finding a sense of community isn’t the simplest thing. If you’re looking to make new friends and identify the type of friend you truly are, this is a great read!
A good end of summer read is what we all need! This book combines friendships and family and how the future has so much to do with the present.

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17 thoughts on “Autumn Books List”

  1. Thank you for this! I love to read and am always looking for new books to get. I LOVED Lessons In Chemistry. So much that I bought a copy.

  2. Find Your People is my pick. My friend and i were just talking about this. This world has turned in to a lonely world and good friends are hard to find.

  3. Thank you so much for this! I always find peace when I’m reading a book. I’m surely gonna have to add these on my list

  4. Wow! Such an awesome list of books! Every book is great and has its specific target reader! I would love to read first “Atomic Habits by James Clear”, it looks like a great book to develop oneself!

  5. Lets talk about how cute your dog is and how beautiful your house is! Ive been trying to find new books to read! Thank you for sharing these great books!

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