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What Your Tweens Are Crushing On

I can’t be the only person who is always in a pickle to find things my tweens and their friends like as gifts. I try to keep it cool and get items that are in style or on trend, but it can be difficult to keep up these days! Moreover, rather than looking online, I just asked my kids what things they are crushing on lately, and honestly, I love all of these things! So, I pulled together what I think is the perfect mix of items, so you will for sure find at least one thing for a tween you need to shop for!


First and foremost, I love that skincare is in! Taking care of yourself should always be in and skincare and hygiene is a lot of that. I, myself, am learning so many cool things about skincare from my own kids and making those habits. In fact, tweens start getting into wearing makeup, which goes on better with a clearer base. Therefore, it all starts with skincare.


The clothes are everything when you’re a tween or teen. Firstly, it’s all about what’s on trend and what everyone else is wearing, and let me tell you, I now know the tween trends. Secondly, kids want to dress older these days, and that’s not really a bad thing. Lastly, there’s a way to dress more mature that’s fun and a way of self expression.


Finally, accessories make or break an outfit. They are the biggest way your kids can provide a form of self expression. But, this isn’t just jewelry. For instance, this is the shoes, the bags, the hair pieces, anything extra to the outfit!

While a lot of these items are fun things, there are also a lot of practical products that I wanted to make sure to include. We all use these things, but these particular items are more fun and cool!


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I love this brand for my girls! These are great starter bras and they are incredibly soft and comfortable, which is exactly what you want for a first bra– or any bra for that matter!
My girls love all of KatieJNYC clothes, but this skirt has been a recent favorite of theirs. It comes in different colors and the price isn’t bad at all!
I love Native products because they use safer ingredients, and this body wash has become a staple in my household! I love this collab, two of my favorite things colliding together! And you get so much product for the cost.
This is seriously the cutest little tote and what I love even more, is that there is a matching one in a bigger size, so I can match my girls!
Cream colored boots are incredibly on trend and I’m not mad about it. They go with everything and the girls look so cute in them!
This collection is everything! It’s absolutely darling and this pouch is perfect for storing skincare, makeup or even school supplies!
Everyone needs a good sweater they can throw on over a dress or to layer. This one is adorable!
This is the ultimate set of face masks! It comes with three different masks for clear, glowy and moisturized skin.
How cute is this dress? It’s perfect for spring and transitions so well into the summer!
How perfect is this bag for spring and summer?! You can have it monogrammed, which makes the perfect gift!
If you haven’t seen these, I think they are kind’ve a necessity. It’s a mini emergency kit for girls, so it has stuff like extra earring backs, deodorant towels, feminine products, and literally anything else you can imagine! I want one for myself, it’s so easy to throw in your purse because it’s so small. Perfect for their backpacks at school!
The tweens are all about vibes and the aesthetic these days. What’s more vibey than a neon sign for your bedroom?
Tie Dye has been in for a few years and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. And why should it? It’s so fun!
Glossier is a great place to start looking at makeup for your tween! They’re all about a natural look and have great products that are easy to start with. This balm is fantastic and makes a great little gift!
This is not only really cute, but a great way to be creative! My girls like to bring theirs on trips and capture their favorite moments!

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16 thoughts on “What Your Tweens Are Crushing On”

  1. Wonderful tips about gifts for tweens
    I shall take note and use this as a guide next time I am shopping for a tween x

  2. One of my (4) teen grandaughters has a Birthday coming up and I’ve been struggling with what to buy. It’s been a long time since my kids were teen. I didn’t know what I was going to buy but I see 3 things on your list I think she’s going to absolutely love.

  3. I’m clearly out of the loop with the young folk, and I never really crushed on any of these things. But then I was a rocker chick from the get-go. A ‘tom-boy’, if you will! Still great to get an insight into the mind of my tween niece, though! I’m clearly not ‘cool’ anymore!

  4. I hear this so loud as I have teenagers now. It’s so hard to find them things they like! Especially boys, I need help with things for boys too.

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