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The Best in Amazon Beauty

I am a big Amazon shopper. I love the convenience of it and prime is everything! With TikTok pushing out the latest beauty trends and products everyone needs to try, a lot of the stores have been running out of items quicker than usual. So, I resort to Amazon for not only things I am dying to try out, but products I need, as well.

Using the word beauty can seem pretty general, and it is. But there are a few categories I look into when I am shopping all things beauty on Amazon.


They have pretty much any product you can imagine ever, but when it comes to skincare, I do like to stick with what I know works. It can be scary trying new products from fear of breaking out or having skin reactions, so the tried and true it is! Although, I’ve been reading so much about how fragrance free options are pretty safe, so those I would say are worth trying out! Who knows, you might even find a new holy grail product.


I am definitely more adventurous when it comes to makeup and hair care products, rather than skincare. There’s less opportunity for something to go awry. I’ve been loving all of the positive influence online about trying new products, in fact, I’ve bought quite a few makeup items that went viral. And as they should because all of them have been great!


When it comes to hair care products, the world is your oyster on Amazon. I have not had any issues with items being unavailable so far, which is exciting. I feel like there is the most variety with hair products: you could be looking for an oil, mask, heat protectant, anti-humidity product, the list goes on and on. I’m not too picky with shampoo and conditioner and those are things I know I can find in the beauty department on any given day.

There can be a lot of mixed reviews between the reviews section and social media platforms, but it’s important to remember that every person will not have the same experience with a product. Likewise, what works for one person might not work for another and that’s what comes of trying out new things. Moreover, I do my best to give as much detail and suggestion for the types of skin, hair, etc. I think certain products might work best on, but I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing, myself. Let me know what your favorite beauty products are!

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If you’re not ice rolling your face in the mornings, let me put you onto it! It helps with puffiness, relieving fatigue, smoothes the face out, provide relief for headaches and so much more! This one is super cute, has 5 stars and is available on prime!
Olaplex is all the hype these days. I can’t vouch for every single product, but this one is a definite yes from me! It’s a treatment that you put on damp hair to revive it!
This is a really cool product, that has been talked about a lot lately. All you have to do is wet this towel and wash your face with it and it takes off all of your makeup! A plus is that it also exfoliates!
Sunscreen is so important! I know a lot of people who don’t wear it because it breaks them out, this one will not do that! This company rocks and they even have tinted versions if you feel like you want some coverage. Available on Prime!
Collagen is essential for hair and skin support. It has so many benefits, why not try it out? This is unflavored, but they also have great flavors!
People forget that lip hydration is just as important as skin hydration. This mask works wonders!
Slugging is all the rage these days. It’s a K-Beauty technique, where you take petroleum based prodcut and put it on your skin after your skincare routine, to repair a damaged skin barrier and lock moisture in.
Not only is this brush super cute, but it works wonders! Tangles no more with this beauty!
I’m all about making sure I get all the excess dirt and makeup off my face at the end of the day. This device does a great job of helping my cleanse, especially because it vibrates and gets deep into my pores.
I love a good makeup product on Prime! This is makeup and skincare all in one, it feels and looks like your face, just with a beauty filter on it!
I feel the most put together when my nails are done, but I don’t always have the time to get them done at the salon. I love this whole line because it does exactly what it claims-dries quickly!
I love finding a cheap mascara that works! This one is also available on Prime!
I am picky about what I put on my body! This brand is one that I feel really good about and the scents are all amazing. I especially love the collab with Baked By Melissa!
This sponge makes applying makeup so easy. You can use it for virtually any product and it blends seamlessly.
Hair rollers are back in style! I love them, I think they provide a great curl and volume and are so easy to use. These are a fantastic price!

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