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Staying In Touch

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As a mom with a busy schedule, it is important to stay in touch. I want my kids and whoever is caring for them to know that I am available at all times. Much different from my childhood but smartphones are a necessity in this day and age. Being a blogger and social media influencer, I will admit that I am glued to my phone for emails, conference calls, taking photos, and of course social media. My phone is also our GPS and local way-finder. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to look up addresses on-the-go or get driving directions. It is a lifesaver.

My one gripe with mobile devices is finding the right carrier and plan. Phones are basically a utility and it can feel like carriers have our hands tied. My eyes glaze over when I hear about usage and data, overages, plans and it seems like the only way to avoid crazy charges is to agree to a complicated and expensive contract. In our family, we need all the data we can get because Jason and I pretty much use our phones for basically everything work related.

One company that is making the whole process easier for me is AT&T PREPAID, which gives me a variety of options that work for our needs. At first I was confused by the “Pre-Paid” aspect that I typically associate with a temporary phone that wouldn’t have any of the features or benefits you would get with traditional wireless service. But boy was I wrong! AT&T PREPAID gives me great monthly plan options with no annual contract and we can change our plan anytime!

They offer prepaid plans for different budgets that include data, unlimited talk, text AND they offer multi-line discounts so we can add phones. I like to have an extra home/mobile phone available in a pinch for babysitters or if mine or Jason’s phone is broken or lost. AT&T also offers a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option, which is compatible with most devices so you can activate the device you already own! AT&T PREPAID is also on a great data network, reaching over 300 million people in North America and they have iPhones, Samsung and LG at affordable prices.

More than anything, it is important for me to make smart financial decisions for my family. I like the choices that AT&T PREPAID offers me and the flexibility, but most of all I like being financially responsible and keeping costs down so we can save money. It’s nice to know that if our needs change from month to month, we can change plans anytime we want!

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21 thoughts on “Staying In Touch”

  1. This is something I need to consider as my family grows. I want to make sure we keep in touch, but also not pay a fortune for our cell service. I will definitely check them out.

  2. I think a prepaid plan sounds like a great idea! It’s especially something to consider for us because our three kids are all getting phones soon, and that is like staring down the barrel of a double barreled data gun! LOL

  3. I had been considering trying out a pre-paid plan for our family. I like that you can change the plan to fit the needs of your family and you aren’t locked into a contract. I’ll have to go to AT&T and check out all the details with a rep!

  4. My family uses AT&T and we love their service! I didn’t know that they offered a prepaid plan because that would be perfect for my oldest daughter! That way she can have the phone she’s been begging for but I can have control over it!

  5. It’s great that in many situations you’d be able to bring your own phone over to AT&T’s Prepaid Service. Sometimes you need a new plan, but don’t want the expense of buying a new phone right then. Love knowing they even have plans where you can get data, unlimited talk and text. Very important to most people now.

  6. AT&T offers some great prepaid plans. I just switched over and love it. I was able to bring my phone which was a huge bonus for me.

  7. I wish we had AT&T here in Canada. They have some great plans I would love to be able to take advantage of. I will have to share this with my American friends.

  8. I’ve been wanting to check out AT&T. I’ll have to look it over. I have been thinking of switching companies anyways. Thanks for some good info.

  9. I am so glad to hear that phones are becoming more affordable. For a while it seemed like it was tough for a family to make it work for everyone to have a phone.

  10. I’ve never looked into prepaid lines but it could be a great way to save money. It might also be a good idea for my oldest once he’s of an age for a phone.

  11. I had no idea AT&T had a prepaid plan! I have been looking into getting a prepaid plan for my son for his first phone.

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