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Valentines Day Nails to Try

Does anyone else love Valentine’s Day nail designs? I’m always looking for the perfect excuse to get pink nails and little tiny hearts for February 14th makes it that much better. If I had a steady hand, I would tackle designs myself, but alas, I take ideas to my amazing nail artist to get the perfect manicure for the day of love. Pro tip, go on Pinterest or Instagram ahead of time and choose your favorite red or pink shade and design ahead of time so you know what to ask for! If you want to try an abstract nail, this is the holiday to do that for!

Here are the best Valentine’s Day manicures for you to try out this time of year!

French Tip with Design

The best way to walk out of the nail salon is with a classic french manicure. Don’t hate on it, that design is a classic! But you can always make it your own the perfect way! Add heart shapes or a different color for your french tips to take them to the next level.

Image/Design: @mua_hannahtaylor on Instagram

Angled Tip with Hearts

If you don’t want to go for a classic french, you can always go for a twist on it and do a white swirl at the tip. Anything goes with a heart design when it comes to Valentine’s Day nail ideas!

Image/Design: @beautyby.jazzy on Instagram


When I saw this LOVE and tic tac toe I though it was so clever! I’ve never seen this before and I love unique nail designs. Add kiss prints on an accent nail and you’ve got the perfect Valentine manicure.

Image/Design: @beautique_kent on Instagram

Pink Neon

What better time to get a pink manicure than now?! This is not a subtle look, but one that deserves all of the attention! I love this design because it’s not just a solid tone, but more of a spunky design. Nails are a way to express ourselves!

Image/Design: @bymollyf on Instagram

Neutral Heart

If you don’t want just a standard manicure, but something versatile for Valentine’s Day nail art, try nude nails with a subtle design. The brown tone here is perfect for all my neutral girls, while still having some playfulness with the design!

Image/Design: @nails.bylynsey on Instagram

Accent Nails

Who here loves accent nails? It’s a great way to have a few nails that are solid tones with some fun added! These are great because the colors are all Valentine’s Day themed, yet the accent nails have a neutral base. A light pink with cute hearts will always be a yes in my book! If this is too much for you, try all red nails and one as an accent!

Image/Design: @nailsbyg__ on Instagram

Mini Hearts

White combos can also work for cute Valentine’s Day nails! This is a great look, an all white base with mini colorful hearts. You can have the nail art ideas be any color, too. A pop of neon pink would be perfect on these!

Image/Design: @chargelnails_ on Instagram

Red and White Heart Accents

Can’t decide what color to get? Try red and white or red and pink hearts! Stick with a neutral base and go for the fun heart designs! You can even try making them all different sizes.

Image/Design: @gh_golden_hands on Instagram

Neutral French

Here we have another french option. I told you, I do love it! A french with a great pink as a base always makes the manicure more fun. I love the teeny tiny heart accent. I think I would do it on one nail, but these two are super cute!

Image/Design: @beautyspace_charlotte on Instagram

White Hearts

This is another neutral option! It’s a very versatile and neutral base coat topped with big white hearts. It’s a great Valentine’s day look that is incredibly wearable.

Image/Design: @beautyhaven_byjodie on Instagram

Pink French

I promise this is my last mention of french nails..for now! But you know I can’t stay away from a pink french! Ditch the white and go for some color this holiday!

Image/Design: @nailsbyloismae on Instagram

Pink Glaze

These are Hailey Bieber-inspired nails and I am all about that! They have a glaze on them, which I think has a really nice tone, while staying fun!

Image/Design: @nailsbymorticia on Instagram

Sheer Pink

If you’re more of a neutral girl but want a hint of color, sheer pink is the way to go! I actually think this is a fabulous everyday shade to get as a manicure year round!

Image/Design: @mannacured on Instagram

Pale Pink

Finally, we have a classic option. Pale pink is always a good idea! When in doubt, go for a neutral shade of pink to add some subtle color to your fingers.

Image/Design: @monmayernails on Instagram

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