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Our Top Items for the Perfect Valentine’s Tablescape

It’s no secret I want a different look for the table each holiday. A great way to decorate for holidays is to just swap out your tablescape items, rather than a room full of decorations. I personally like to stick to a color scheme that fits in well with Valentine’s Day for a romantic table setting. But you could even go for more neutral options with a pop of color or cute little hearts. I’ve seen some beautiful table settings in my time and one thing I love about picking out new decorative pieces is that it’s the chance to redecorate all over again- just a smaller area in the home.

You need the perfect items to serve sweet treats this February, so why not spice up the space for a date night or family dinner. The dining room has lots of memories where we share our parts of the day and it should be treated like a special place. Here are my top choices for a beautiful tablescape for your next Valentine’s Day celebration!

Kitchen Items

It’s time to put away the white plates and replace them with a pink dinner plate for the day of love! Having fun plates, bowls, cups, a tiered tray and silverware are essential to serving treats for your Valentine’s Day party. Le Creuset has some really cute personal glassware items that are great for individual servings. I even like to swap out the silverware for a rose colored option to go with a more romantic theme and sport seasonal decor.

valentine tablescape


Obviously, this is my favorite part! I love to find items to fit into my favorite color palette and rock the perfect Valentine’s Day tablescape. An obvious choice for my Valentine’s Day table is to have lots of pink and hearts. It’s not only the month of love, but it is also my birthday month, so the more pink, the better! Moreover, you could totally go the more neutral route and get white dishes that are versatile and stick with a white theme finished off with a neutral tablecloth. But if you want to add some color, pink ribbon adds a flirty fun vibe.


It’s not incredibly practical to think that we have the space in our homes to store seasonal decor. We can’t all fit fairy lights and faux eucalyptus garland in our closets. So finding items that we are comfortable having either on display on a shelf or in everyday use in the kitchen can be a great choice. You can even spice up the space with rose petals or fresh flowers in the space. For instance, a pitcher is something you can use often. It looks great on display and is of practical use, so it might be something you’d be willing to splurge on or keep an eye out for. A cohesive look is a lot of the design, but it isn’t everything. It can definitely be more justifiable to go for the options that are practical and useful for your household.

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Firstly, how cute is this! I want to use it year round! It’s so cute for cookies and snacks.
I love to switch out my napkins for each holiday season. I put away my Christmas napkins and am ready to sport hearts this month!
These are a great option if you want something more neutral. They’re amazing quality and go with everything.
This is one of the best cheeseboards for so many reasons! Firstly, because it’s adorable. Secondly because you can fit so much on it!
This is a really cute vase that would look great with a few spread across the table. On off season, you can keep it in another part of the house on a shelf because it’s so cool and modern.
I am obsessed with these! This type of cup is super on trend at the moment, but the designs were way too cute to pass up on!
These are a fantastic neutral option for the holiday of love! The quality is unbeatable and they are stunning.
I love having dried flowers as an option because they don’t need to be tended to. The color of these is perfection!
The simplicity of this table runner is amazing! It’s on the more neutral side while still being super festive!
Specifically, any excuse to add pink to the table- I’m all ears! These are versatile while adding a touch of color to the table.
We’re all having sweet treats on this day, so why not display them in a sweet way? I really like this cake stand and think it’s so fun for Valentine’s Day.
Furthermore, these are a fun option for a pop of color! The best part is that they are under $5!
Moreover, the heart patterns will always be a favorite of mine. I think this is a sweet piece to have on the table for the entire month.
Finally, garland isn’t just for the wall, it can be laid across the table as an extra decoration. It adds texture to the table and a pop of color!

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