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Vacation Style

Vacation style is just as important to me as everyday style. Whether I’m rushing to my next stop in New York City, lounging on the beach, or exploring Paris with my girls, which I was just recently doing, I want to look my best. Poska Resortwear agrees that you can look your best no matter where you are or what you’re doing, especially when you’re on vacation. They’re a resortwear fashion line with one mission: to up their customers’ vacation style.

Poska Resortwear is all about luxury. This resort and beachwear brand was created to combine the best of east and west. Poska’s founder, Sarah Fathy was inspired by her relocation to Dubai as well as trips to Egypt. The looks of these areas were the inspiration for the unique fashions you’ll find at Poska.

You’ll see a lot of Egyptian flair coupled with American sensibilities in their line. It’s a perfect marriage of styles that works amazingly well. What I love about this brand is that every single piece is handmade. That is hard to come by these days. The company works with their tailors in a one-on-one environment to ensure that every piece is of the highest quality and the most fabulous look.

I’m in love with the way their lines fit, flow, and generally enhance my vacation style. While in Paris with my girls, I rocked their Lean Tunic pretty much all the time. Although we weren’t at the beach, this open robe made of Indian cotton is a perfect example of how versatile Poska pieces are. While the Lena Tunic is perfect for the beach, its floor-skimming hem, tasseled ivory trim, and flowing cut also make it perfect for sinching with a belt as a dress or simply wearing it over an outfit.

Poska’s line of gorgeous resortwear isn’t limited to wraps. They also offer lovely dresses that seem to catch every breeze and just float around you like a pillowy, drifting wisp of style. Every piece they have is absolutely gorgeous, and they’ll all elevate your vacation style. I encourage every fashion-forward lady out there to visit Poska and check out their line of gorgeous dresses and wraps. You’ll feel like a supermodel in their gorgeous looks.

photography by Lauren Kara

Originally published Nov. 19 2019 

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