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Trip Of A Lifetime: Club Med La Rosière

Without doubt, we are a ski family. Jason has been an avid snowboarder since his early twenties. While I tried my best to share that snowboarding passion, I switched back to skiing when the kids started to experience some of their first days on the snow. Now, much to my dismay, I can officially say my kids blow me away daily on the slopes.

Each year we try to take a ski trip to two, as it’s one of the only sports that all five of us actively enjoy. Traditionally, our trips to the slopes have been limited to North America. But now that the kids are older and much more experienced, it was time to broaden the landscape. With that, I was ecstatic to be invited to the Club Med La Rosière in the French Alps. It was the holiday of a lifetime full of panoramic views, winter sports, a great ski area and overall a beautiful resort!

Family skiing in cute outfits with scenic mountain viewsCute family pose on French alps ski strip with snowy mountains background

The Location

We are all familiar with the Club Med name, with resorts all over the world offering all inclusive experiences to couples, families and friends. I love going to new resorts I haven’t been to yet! La Rosière was the perfect place with high mountain access and excellent facilities! Since my previous Club Med vacations were all tropical paradise related, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about their ski destinations.

View while skiing of snowy French Alps mountain range

To access this epic resort, we flew into the Geneva airport (GVA), where Club Med arranged for a car service to escort my family and I to the property. A three hour drive from the airport was not ideal. But the super scenic terrain of the massive snow covered peaks of the Alps along with small random French towns along the way made ride extremely pleasant. Upon arrival at Club Med La Rosière, we were escorted to the Paradiso Welcome Lounge, and given an overview of the resort. So much to do in only 5 days! Our bookings include lodging, lift tickets, skis or snowboards, food, beverages, kids’ clubs and and apres-ski activities including yoga, access to a hammam and an indoor swimming pool.


Now, when I say so much more, it may sound a bit cliche- but check this out. All guests are offered group ski or snowboard lessons over the entire course of their stay! My kids are very comfortable on skis and snowboards, but a lesson with some pointers only made that better! This is hands down one of the best resorts for the winter season! Truly, it was a dream holiday and is now my preferred resort! They have an unparalleled ski experience and the fact that it’s a family-friendly resort with kids clubs, makes it that much easier to travel to with the whole family!

Daughters wearing pink ski gear while skiing in French Alps

The Activities

Having showered and unpacked, it was off to the onsite ski room for ski and snowboard fittings. I was beyond impressed with the selection of rentals offered (additional costs do apply) , as well as the staff who helped us through the process. A team of professional ski and mountain G.O.’s (a Club Med G.O. stands for Gracious Organizer – they create a bond with guests and make sure your stay is unforgettable) guided us to gear that was appropriate to our age, skill level and ski conditions. With skis, boards, boots and poles in hand, we walked over to the ski lockers.

Ski Organization

To make it even easier, the lockers were all accessible with the same bracelets that we used to enter our hotel rooms. Such a nice touch because there is nothing worse than lugging your wet boots and gear back to the room covered in snow. This was a massive perk as organizing ski gear for a family of 5 can be a nightmare. Every morning after our breakfast, we started our day in the ski room which offered self-serve delicious hot drinks, like espresso for Jason and me and hot chocolate for the kids, along with juices and pastries.

Son taking break while snowboarding on French alp mountain Family ski vacation in French Alps

Gear lockers at Club Med La Rosière ski resort Kids sitting on bench in storage lockers space at Club Med La Rosière

Ski Lessons

I need to bring up the included ski lessons again because this is especially valuable with a family. Ski school for children is key for getting kids to ski or snowboard as they learn from experts, while having fun with other kids their age. And the booking process was super simple with the counter located in the lobby on the way to the guest rooms.

Daughter posing in heart symbol at ski resort with mountains in background.


I should also mention that if you want to take a break from the slopes, Club Med La Rosière offers other activities like snowshoeing, hiking, yoga, and more! And who doesn’t love ski chalets? Snow holidays can be just as much fun as tropical ones! Especially all-inclusive holidays.

Snowy front view of Club Med La RosièreLobby of Club Med La Rosière

The Mountain

Where Club Med La Rosière is located completely blew me away. You are in the heart of a region in Espace San Bernardo! This area has broken records for its sunshine and snow cover. It’s beyond beautiful scenery and it was a new skiing experience for us! The resort is located in France, but if you navigate the right trails and ski lifts, you can come down the back side of the mountain in Italy! If you’ve never glided across a border on skis, this is your opportunity.

Kids standing outside of ski lounge disguised as iglooFamily in ski gear posing in front of ice sculptures in a igloo ski loungeMother daughter ski trip in matching floral gear

Lunch Break

Going during peak ski season (and not having skied since last year), we didn’t know what to expect. It was such a treat to break for lunch in Italy during our trip in the French Alps! At Club Med La Rosière, everything is designed to make it easier for beginners, both young and old alike, to learn to ski. The resort is located between a green mountain and blue terrain, and truly a beyond picturesque landscape! One day while exploring the mountain, we discovered an igloo at the base of a trail. Just look at some of these photos inside the ice domain!

Brianne skiing down a French Alps mountain in fashionable, floral ski gearFamily skiing in beautiful French AlpsDaughters skiing in matching pink jackets and white snow pants Family selfie on ski lift at French alps ski resort

Dining Experience

Club Med La Rosière offers two restaurants and three bars. Each night the resort suggests a themed dress code for guests. It is not mandatory, but you know me and fashion, so you can bet that I took it seriously. 

One night was dubbed “Dreamers Wardrobe” which consists of a color palette of creams, whites and neutrals. Another night was Sporty Chic. It was fun to look around the restaurants to see other groups dressed in tandem.

Family enjoying dinner at a cozy restaurant in Club Med La RosièreClub Med La Rosière steak dinner

When it comes to vacations with all inclusive meals, I have generally been less than optimistic about the quality of the food from previous experiences. Let’s just say that these concerns were completely unfounded at La Rosière. With influences from France, Italy, and Switzerland, I am still dreaming about our meals there. 

On more than three occasions in the Alps, I found myself asking “why don’t we have this in the US?” Varieties of cuisine changed from day to day. The cheese selection was absolutely beyond, and the Italian meats were some of the best I’ve ever tasted. It truly makes for a different type of ski vacation when there are top notch meals served. Even the wine pairings were delish (I photographed a few labels in hopes to find them at home).

Club Med La Rosière healthy dinner with vegetables, soup, and glass of red wine

After a long day on the slopes, you tend to build up an appetite. My kids loved the après-ski spread each and every day that was set up in the lounge off the main lobby. This huge spread of sandwiches, veggies, snacks, and sweets held us over until dinner each day. What a treat!

Kids posing in is lift photo-ops wearing matching "Alps" sweatersClub Med La Rosière Hotel's dessert spread table with waffles and doughnuts


After dinner each night, we looked forward to a show and entertainment. Ranging from live music to the staff putting on a performance of the Greatest Showman, a comedy performance, or dancing, there was something new and different each night. All of this was located right in our lobby so there was no need to ever have to leave the resort!

Family lounging in French Alps Club Med La Rosière Hotel lounge Family-friendly live music at Club Med La Rosière in blue-lit concert

Kids Zone 

The kids also took advantage of the Kid’s Club room each evening. There was even a Teen Club for Ryder! I loved how they truly thought of every aspect of what families want while traveling. When the kids were off at the Kids Zone, Jason and I had time to unwind and have a cocktail.

Kids posing with pink "La Rosiere" cow statue on snowy ski mountainFamily snow fight on French Alp mountains


What is a vacation without a massage? Within the most accomplished Mountain Wellness Hub at the Club Med Spa by Cinq Mondes, Jason and I enjoyed two hammam. Then, the heated indoor pool with views of the massive surrounding peaks. 

The girls and I made our way to the indoor pool several times during our stay when we wanted to take a break from skiing. And the massage was next level, maybe the best I’ve ever had. Jason’s treatment was scheduled later than mine, so he could stay with the kids. He immediately mentioned how much he loved the treatment. Coincidentally, we shared the same experience with the same therapist. Magical!

Indoor pool with expansive windows at Club Med La Rosière spaBrianne sitting on wooden swing in spa robe at Club Med La Rosière's spa

No joke- this was a trip of a lifetime! The staff, the food, the accommodations, and the views were all beyond most of our ski resorts here at home. This is one family vacation I know my children will remember for the rest of their lives, and a destination we will certainly revisit.

Family in all-cream outfits on a winter vacation in hotel lobbyMother-daughter matching "Alps" sweaters while on ski vacation in French Alps

Check out Club Med offers deals and promotions for ski HERE! Biggest Thank You to Club Med La Rosière for hotel and accommodations.


*This post was originally published February 13th, 2023

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  1. What beautiful photos of your family and the vistas at Club Me La Rosiere. It definitely looks like a trip of a lifetime! Your photos also remind me of the Loveshackfancy winter edit photos from last year!!! You’re so lucky to have them as a sponsor.

  2. This looks like such an amazing trip! We haven’t gone abroad yet with my kids but I want to. We went to a ski resort last weekend in New Mexico and did tubing which was a blast. When they are a little bigger we may try skiing.

  3. Wow! Your photos are stunning. This looks like an amazing and once in a lifetime trip. Thank you for sharing your experience and great pictures!

  4. This is indeed a trip of a lifetime. I will be as ecstatic as you if I get invited here. The view is just amazing! and the experience itself.

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