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Top Teen Skincare Products to Tackle Acne

As a mom to 2 tweens and 1 teen, I can confidently say that we have struggled finding the right products for our household. For hormonal and acne-prone skin, it means that teen skin is not only sensitive skin but it can be dry skin. Teenage acne is no joke, it’s something that can make the teenage years feel tough because of their confidence. Not only are there tons of hormonal changes going on, but acne-causing bacteria that is affecting the skin. I always recommend going to see a board-certified dermatologist to get the skin care and treatment the kids need, especially for teen years. These are a few of our favorite products the kids have been loving for a good skincare routine:

Skin Type

Firslty, figuring out your child’s skin type is by far the most important place to start. The various types include: dry, sensitive, combination and oily. And yes, combination skin is a mix of a few of them, which can complicate things sometimes, but in this day and age, there is always a skincare solution. Henceforth, once you know their skin type, you can begin with the basics and then move towards skincare products to target specific needs! For instance, a gentle cleanser will be great for sensitive skin while hyaluronic acid is essential for dry skin. Face wash is always a great place to begin, especially if you have kids who are new to skincare. The best way to begin a routine is with a good facial cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen for the best skincare kit.

Recently, the girls have been loving Gryt Skincare. They have a starter set of all of the products together so you can use them all in your routine. Not only do they work well against teen acne, but they are easy to pack up and travel with!

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The Basics

Secondly, when I say basics, I mean the things that are essential in the right treatment. These items are all different, but the categories are the same and go as follows: toner, moisturizer, eye cream and lip care. All of these steps should probably be in everyone’s routine, but we all have different skincare needs, so that’s where the products differ and steps are added in. For example, someone with dry skin might add a hyaluronic acid into their routine to replenish moisture, while someone with oily or combination skin might need an AHA or BHA treatment to exfoliate their skin a few times a week. Teen’s skin are pretty sensitive, especially when we are dealing with a teen’s acne. If you need to try out a few things until it works, that is normal!

For example, an oil-free moisturizer and gel cleanser will really only work for those with oily skin or acne prone skin. Acne bacteria, especially from environmental factors needs to be eliminated before beginning your next steps. Items like witch hazel or a toner will help to get rid of excess dirt and oil so you can add the right skincare products on top of your skin and have them actually do their job!

Byoma Set, CeraVe Set, Glow Recipe Set, Mario Badescu Spray Set, Peter Thomas Roth Set, Supergoop Set, Good Molecules Set, Peach Slices Set

The Extras

Finally, just because we have a routine, doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun! Altogether, the same goes for any skin issues we might be dealing with, we can find ways to make tackling those needs exciting. There are some products like wash off masks and sheet masks that can be done 1-2x a week and those are some things my girls look forward to doing because they’re special since we only get to do them so often. They even make cute shaped pimple patches these days, where were those when I was a teenager?! There are face mask options out there that are great for nightly or weekly use and having products like a B5 balm or vaseline to slug on top of moisturizer will help keep hydration in and protect as well as repair the skin barrier.

Pimple Patches, Makeup Erasers, Ice Roller, Gua Sha, Red Light PMD Wand

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