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Top 10 Books For Moms In November

November brings colder weather, baked goods, and lots of family. The holidays as joyous as they are, can also be chaotic and stressful. Reading is one of my self care rituals when I need to unwind and relax. I find myself reading more during this time of year as a way to stay in touch with caring for myself and my “mommy time outs”. I also love gifting books as a reminder to my loved ones to do the same. Hope you all enjoy this months picks and take a little time for yourselves!

Time management can be tricky to navigate with young children and juggling their schedules. This great book will help you increase your productivity and get the most of every minute of the day.
When Emily moves to Willow Creek to help her sister recover from an accident. Its a temporary move that starts to get tricky after meeting a flirtatious male prospect that has her daydreaming for settling long term in this small town.
After the election loss in 2016, This is a great insight about women in politics and this pivotal time in women’s history. Follow along four female candidates running for office to get an inside view on the entire process.
A raw memoir about how through her experience waitressing Jennifer Pastiloff learned how to truly see others for all that they are. Their truths, losses, imperfection, and beauties.
Described as “This is the best book of the year”, Three Women is a must for all moms! Explore desire, heartbreak, and infatuation through the love stories of three women on very different journeys.
Like many women, Penelope Ruiz-Kar is doing it all but barely keeping it together. With her husband, they agree to make some much needed changes in their marriage to bring back some passion. But these new changes bring on much more than just a rekindled joy.
A totally original story like no other! Madisons step-children are moving in with her and she needs the help of an old friend from boarding school Lillian to manage their unusual condition. When the children get frustrated they combust into flames!
Being a young adult can be challenging and confusing. Ari Satok’s funny and insightful perspective on growing up is a refreshing take to a messy time.
After a deadly accident, the loss of friendship and a marital betrayal Nathan finds himself fighting for his son and his family. A heartfelt story about hardship and perseverance.
I love all of Alison’s easy and straight forward recipes to delicious meals. After the incredible success of her first book, she has now released her highly anticipated second recipe collection.

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Books For Moms In November”

  1. These sound like some good books. I need to get back to reading again. I really love it, but haven’t had that much time to do so lately.

  2. I love book lists! I’ve only read 2 of the books on this list, but since I make a point to read at least 100 books a year, I’m always looking for new books and will be adding quite a few of these to my must-read list! Thanks!!!

  3. Thank you for these recommendations! I have an 11 year old daughter and 12 year old son and some of these books will be very beneficial to both me and them! I like to listen to audio books and I may pre-listen to some of them before getting a copy for the kids.

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