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Top 10 Family Fun November Events In NYC

Hello November! October and Halloween have come and gone and now onto chillier weather and Thanksgiving! November always seems to be such a festive and exciting time of year. The holidays are in full gear, families are gathering, and pies are definitely baking! New York City truly is one of the very best places to celebrate the holiday season as a family. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Gooble gooble!

 Bank Of America Winter Village At Bryant Park 

The Winter Village in Bryant Park is coming back to town and Im so excited. This is something my family and I look forward to all year. With so many holiday boutiques, food stands, the ice rink, and so much more its always an amazing holiday evening as a family. My kids love ice skating and I love checking off my Christmas list with such unique and locally made gifts!

Holiday Express To Richard Scarry’s Busytown

Choo choo all aboard! In celebration of Richard Scarry’s 100th birthday, hop on board the Holiday Express to Busytown! Enjoy original artwork from the developing days of Busytown and its friendly resistants. Discover the inner workings of the railroad, join in on the exhibits ISpy game, and more! December 14th will include a special guest from Huck Scarry, Richard Scarry’s son!

Arcadia Earth

Arcadia Earth is a large scale interactive journey through earth. Explore the underwater worlds and fantasy lands alike through art installations, virtual reality, and learn so much more about how lifestyle choices are impacting the earth we live on. A great way to spend a rainy chilly day this month traveling to another land!

Sloomoo Institute

Slime! What kid isn’t totally obsessed with slime? Well now NYC parents can avoid the slime at home and take their families to this sensory playground totally centered around this sticky favorite. Sloomoo is only in town for six months, so hurry over during these cold winter months and enjoy the super oozy fun!


A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

What is there not to say about Mr. Rogers? When I heard Tom Hanks was going to be playing him for the biopic I was so excited. Grab your popcorn and your soda pop because this film makes for the perfect family day to the movie theater. I cant wait for a rainy day to take my 3 kids to discover the beautiful and kind world of Mr. Rogers.

Giftzza Scavenger Hunt

I absolutely love scavenger hunts, its the ultimate kind of treasure hunt. Join this annual family themed scavenger hunt on November 9th for a whole day of clue solving and gift giving. For each clue solved a local business will give participants a small bespoke gift. At the finish line gifts will be traded, given, and shared to commence the holiday spirit and the joy for giving to others. T’is better to give than receive and thats just what you can expect from the Giftzza Scavenger hunt.

Beyond Midnight : Paul Revere At The New York Historical Society

The New York Historical Society seems to always have the most fascinating exhibits but its never really on my radar. When I saw that they were exhibiting a collection of works from Paul Revere I knew this could be a wonderful thing to explore for a mommy and son day but also as a whole family. This winter I definitely plan on making more visits to this wonderful museum and the exceptional shows they very often share.

LuminoCity Festival

I have been waiting for this festival for months! Im so beyond excited to take my kids to this very exciting and new light festival. With their immersive light wonderland, workshops, themed nights, a holiday market, and more its bound to be the most festive way to kick off the holiday season. Festival runs November 23rd to January 5th and is a ticketed event that will sell fast.


Another fantasy like immersive indoor playground to add to the list! Zero Space should be on every New Yorkers must visit list this month. Playground includes the largest augmented reality sandbox, 20ft LED sculpture, a laser forest,  interactive floors, and so much more. Participants will leave feeling like they’ve traveled to a whole new planet.


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Don’t forget the most iconic November New York event, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! We go every year and we’ll definitely be back this year! My kids look forward to it all year round! I recently wrote a blog post on all my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving in NYC that I truly consider to be musts!





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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Family Fun November Events In NYC”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood. I’m sure it will bring back so many fond childhood memories. I never miss Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s one of our Thanksgiving Day traditions (from the comfort of my SC home). I wish I could see the parade in person at least once.

  2. We went to NYC at Christmastime a couple of years ago and had a blast. The city looked magical. I hope we get to witness the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in person too. We’ve only seen it on TV.

  3. All of these look like so much fun. I’d love to attend any event in NYC. I’ve never been, but always wanted to go.

  4. Looks like really fun. I would like to take kids to parade, here it is so far that we can’t take them. May be this vacation I will plan something like this.

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