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A Tooth Fairy Story

A friend of mine recently shared a story about how she had to break the news to her 9yr old that the tooth fairy did not exist. The conversation made me start to think that I only have about three years, if that, before Ryder starts to ask questions, and stops believing in the magic of the Tooth Fairy, and eventually Santa Claus.

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 1st tooth – February 20th 2014

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Just two days after hearing that story, Ryder’s third tooth came out- with my assistance, actually. It’s been loose for about a month, and at a recent checkup, our dentist suggested we twist it from side to side, rather than front and back, and sure enough, it will eventually popped out.


I made a huge deal the last two times the Tooth Fairy visited our home, sprinkling glitter on the steps to his bunk, and leaving silver dollar coins under his pillow that the tooth fairy left for me, when I was a kid.

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So, for tooth number three, we had to up the ante.  In anticipation of the tooth fairy coming, I asked Ryder to write her a letter, asking some things he was curious about. This idea came to me, after my mom pulled a letter from storage, that I wrote to the tooth fairy at Ryder’s age, thanking her for coming and saying how much I loved her.

Just as I was getting both the bigs to bed. Siella got in on the conversation and started asking a ton of questions. It sort of went like this:

Does the Tooth Fairy have a name?

-Hmm I’m not sure, maybe ask Ryder to ask her in his note. 

What does the Tooth Fairy wear?

– Probably a long dress.

What color is it?

– Maybe purple

How about pink?

– Totally! 

What does she like to eat?

– All kinds of food. Things you eat. 

How about cupcakes, pizza, lemonade?

– Yes and I think tea too. 

Ice tea or hot tea?

– Probably hot tea. 

Well does she put it in the refrigerator like me to cool it off?

– Yes (laughing hysterically at this point)


This was probably one of the most fascinating and probably my favorite conversations I’ve ever had with them. As we were talking, I was trying to be in the moment, while at the same time mentally documenting each and every one of her questions and comments.

Once Siella’s sweet raspy voice went silent, I knew they were both sound asleep. I waited an hour just to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed before I slipped back in the room. I took Ryder’s tooth so I can add it his collection of teeth, and sprinkled silver sparkles over their pillow cases, including Siella’s. I wrote a note back to Ryder and tried to answer some of Siella’s question too.  Jason and I chose a fitting name for the tooth fairy to end her letter with ….Pearly!

The kids woke up the next morning glowing with excitement! I will forever cherish the little magical myths we tell our children, in hope they will always believe. It’s these remarkable childhood moments that make parenthood so fulfilling!

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