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All Day Fashion

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If you’ve followed my Instastories over the past two weeks, you know that I’ve recently rented office space. It’s only been two weeks, but I am shocked by the amount of work that I’ve gotten done. Since this blog started eight years ago, most of my writing and admin work has been based in my apartment, with the occasional escape to a coffee shop here and there. Now I have set hours at the office, a new backdrop for photographs, and an elevated sense of professionalism when I walk into the space.

No longer working from home also means that I can’t stay in my pj’s until school pickup. Well, if not pj’s, then maybe sweats and sneakers. Now, I wake up earlier, shower, and get dressed before taking the kids to school. I figured I should pick up some new things, especially shoes. In the past, I’ve mentioned how Zappos.com has been such a great resource for footwear for myself and my family. While browsing, a new brand for me Munro popped up in their “you may also like” section. Free shipping is key, and their 365 return policy makes sending things back a breeze, especially if you’re like me and forget to send boxes out on time.

My latest Zappos.com purchase were these Beth Clogs by Munro. The brand is a family- owned and operated, and prides itself on perfecting the craft of producing quality footwear with consistency of fit. In fact, they offer up to 75 sizes and widths. This is the first time shoe shopping when I’ve needed to choose from five different widths! I definitely notice the difference, and these clogs fit like a glove.

My Beth Clogs have gotten plenty of use on office days, meetings, trips to school, and everything in between! They are available in four different colors, solids, or funky prints like my cool leopard pair.

I’m super excited about my new all day fashion endeavor. I have a feeling I am going to be needing a few more pairs of these Munro comfortable shoes to fit my feet and my fashion needs.

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8 thoughts on “All Day Fashion”

  1. I need to look into that brand. My feet just refuse to tolerate shoes that aren’t wide enough to properly fit a human foot anymore.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    It was my daughter who told me about Zappos and I have been hooked since. I love the wide variety of footwear they offer. Your leopard print clogs are so pretty! They also look comfortable enough for everyday wear, especially now that the weather is warmer.

  3. The leopard print clogs looks fantastic on your feet. I’ve never been comfortable in clogs but i love sandals and saw a great variety on the site. A few were calling my name.

  4. I know exactly what you mean.T he days I dress in something more than sweats, I not only accomplish so much more, I also feel quite a bit better. I would love to have an office to quietly work in.

  5. Ahhhh love the shoes!!!!! I work out of the home and since I’m a fashionista, definitely miss the whole getting ready for the day thing! My hubby and 6 year old could care less about my outfits so sweats it is even if I miss being kiss trendy :-/

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