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Timeless Treasures

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Like most little girls, my daughters constantly sift through my jewelry boxes, talking about which pieces they would love to have when they grow older. They even staked claim on some of my shoes. It’s really the cutest ever, and totally brings me back to my childhood, and those many innocent days of doing the same with my mom and sister. I grew past my mom’s shoe size, so my sister has her kicks all to herself, but I definitely have a ton of her jewelry. Since becoming a mother, all of my jewelry acquisitions have been carefully considered, as these heirlooms will be passed down to my little ladies.

Timeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter NecklacesTimeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter Necklaces

These sweet Mother & Daughter necklaces by Erin Pelicano are the perfect pieces for the girls and me! These timeless treasures are instant keepsakes, but hip and dainty enough to wear everyday.

The girls literally went nuts when they saw them. As soon as Siella placed it around her neck, she said that whenever she misses me, or feels upset, she can just look at her necklace, and it’ll make her feel better. Naturally, Gemmie, who idolizes her sister, immediately followed with the same claim.

Timeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter NecklacesTimeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter NecklacesTimeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter Necklaces

The mother’s necklace is a fine 1.25 ” gold bar, handcrafted with a single heart cut out, on an 18″ gold chain. Siella and Gemma’s matching hearts hang from a 16″ gold chain. All three chains are presented on a Mother & Daughter card which reads, “The love between a Mother & Daughter is forever.” The set is also available in other options like rose gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold dipped. 

Timeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter Necklaces Timeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter Necklaces

Erin Pelicano jewelry doesn’t just stop at precious Mother & Daughter pieces. There are Grandmother, and individual Mother or Daughter pieces, plus luxe stackable rings, earrings, and even a special selection of bridal pieces. Each represents family, traditions, personalization, and remembrance.

Timeless Treasures: Mother & Daughter Necklaces

With this assortment, there is really something for everything. I am already eying my next piece of EPJ. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner….wink wink!

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16 thoughts on “Timeless Treasures”

  1. I absolutely love this necklace set. I used to do the same thing with my grandmother when I was little. Oh, the memories.

  2. That is such a cute necklace. I would love to get this for my girls and I. This would be able to carry so many memories.

  3. Oh, how incredibly sweet! I have boys so I don’t get to do the mother-daughter jewelry or other cute things. However, someday (not any time soon! Haha!) I hope to have granddaughters that I can create memories like this with.

  4. Mama to 6 Blessings

    I LOVE THIS! I want this for my 2 girls! What a special gift. I am going to look into this for their birthdays.

  5. I love that idea! I have all boys in my household for something like this would still be cute. My sister-in-law has a daughter and I think this would be a really cute gift to give her for Mother’s Day.

  6. These are soooo pretty! I love that you have matching ones with the girls! I wish I had a daughter to do something like that!

  7. Reesa Lewandowski

    Oh this is just so pretty and sweet! I am trying to find something nice for my daughter’s birthday next week and I think this would be perfect!

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