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A Night At Medieval Times + Giveaway!

Over the summer, after we had taken the kids to Medieval Times for the first time, no joke, my Dad called to say how disappointed he was that we went without him. Sure, it sounds crazy, but back when we were kids, my parents took us there all the time, for birthdays or random dinners. My dad geeked out, and became a huge fan, so I told him we would plan another trip back. With that, a few weeks ago Ryder, Gemma and I took Gee and Bug to Medieval Times for the first time since the 90s.

A Night At Medieval TimesA Night At Medieval Times

Before we get too deep, I imagine a few of you haven’t been to Medieval Times, here are the cliff notes. With kids we have all been to theme restaurants, but Medieval Times takes it to the next level. The exterior resembles a castle hundreds of years old, draped with flags and banners. It looks pretty cool, but the real fun is inside.

The dining room is situated around a massive rink, where royalty, knights and horses reenact jousting and horsemanship, while you are served a four course dinner. To keep true to the times, everyone is encouraged to eat with their hands. Don’t worry, if you can’t channel your 1200AD self, waiter staff will provide some utensils.

A Night At Medieval Times A Night At Medieval Times

From time to time, Medieval Times changes up the storyline, and the latest tale centers around the Queen, the sole ruler of her kingdom. She is cast as a firm yet kind and respected leader, and has inherited the throne following the passing of her father.

Having seen the show previously, I loved the changes in new costumes for all nine castles performers and horses.  The storyline includes some new acts, and fresh music, which is synchronized with every element of the show including lights, fights, jousts, jabs and of course, the Queen. Whenever your knight triumphs in a joust, he showers audience members with roses. Gemma caught a flower, and didn’t let it go, for one second!

A Night At Medieval TimesA Night At Medieval Times

Our table was assigned to root for the yellow and red knight, who actually won that evening, making it even more fun! PS – From the minute we walked in the Castle to the minute we walked out, my Dad wore his crown!

A Night At Medieval Times

To celebrate our good times, and my fathers’s long awaited return the Medieval Times, we will be giving away a family 4-pack of tickets to the Lyndhurst NJ location!

And, if you don’t live in the Tri State area, check out some of these nationwide locations.

4 Tickets to Medieval Times Lyndhurst NJ

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25 thoughts on “A Night At Medieval Times + Giveaway!”

  1. I have only been to the Medieval Times in Florida, and that was about a million years ago. Now I want to take my own kid!

  2. Medieval Times is so much fun! We’ve gone there for several birthdays for my son, and we all love it. At first, we just did it for him, but now we all get really excited about it.

  3. Medievel times looks like so much fun and it is not too far away. I would love to bring the kids before they are too old, so i will look into the NJ location soon for a special night.

  4. Kelly Hutchinson

    I have not been to Medieval Times in so long. We went to the one in Orlando on our honeymoon over 20 years ago!

  5. I think that’s really exciting! It’s been so long since we’ve been to a themed dinner like Medieval times and the kids always have a great time watching and dining!

  6. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    I don’t think I’ve taken my boys here and I’m pretty sure they’ll have an amazing time watching the show while having dinner. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for sure.

  7. Amanda barry-perry

    This is awesome, thank you for the chance. I have always wanted to go to Medieval Times and never have so this would be a great chance

  8. Dominique Carmoega

    How exciting!!! And how adorable is your dad!!! The boys have always wanted to go we just never made it there.

  9. Dora gisselle Rosa

    It sounds so awesome !!!
    It’s exactly where i wanted to take my 4 year old for his bday. He would so want a crown and a flower lol

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