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This is 36

Well, I cannot believe I am announcing it, but I just celebrated my 36th birthday on Sunday! I’m not going to lie, that I am a bit terrified by the thought of growing another year older. Each year, I like to write a post about the past year, so I can look back, reflect and compare each. Last year, I was celebrating in Disney with Jason and the kids, and the year prior was on a cupcake crawl with the bigs. Each year my birthday falls over President’s week, so I’m not one for making a big deal about it since the kids are usually off from school and we tend to focus on keeping them busy.

My birthday is also five days after Valentine’s Day, so we typically celebrate both at the same time, so we can squeeze both in. Shockingly, Jason was around for both V Day and my birthday for a change. To avoid the crowds and pre fixe Valentine’s menus, we opted to go for dinner in between the two “holidays”, eating at my favorite restaurant, Bond Street. It was a great date night, highlighted by a surprise birthday gift- my very first Chanel bag (more on that another time). To say I was shocked is an understatement!

We went into the long weekend, with plans basically in the air. With Jason leaving for work Monday, and the kids were off some school all week, and I was reluctant to plan another vacation, since we were just back from Disney. A good friend asked what I was going for my big day, and I told her I didn’t really didn’t have anything planned. She suggested we take a bikram yoga class, late Saturday afternoon. After soaking up the gorgeous weather with the fam, I left Jason with the kids, and jetted off to a hot yoga class. That sweat, and the two spicy margaritas that followed the class were just what I needed for the last day of my 35th year. Thank you Inshira!

Self care has long been a work in progress for me. I seem to go through highs and lows of taking care of myself, but this year, I am really trying to make a difference. With three beautiful kids, I’ve realized it’s more important than ever, because when I feel good about myself, I am a much better wife and mother. Rather than burning the midnight oil, I have curtailed my work hours to get more sleep in anticipation of morning workouts. I’ve even been scheduled more dinners with friends, and a massage here and there, and I’m not going to feeling guilty about it!

On my birthday morning, I woke up to three little kids giggling, with little homemade cards for mommy. Jason insisted we stay in our pj’s, and go right out to a nearby cafe for an early morning breakfast. As soon we sat down, Siella ran over to the hostess to tell ask them to put a candle in a muffin for me. Now that they are older, they get a kick out of sneaking off to set up the b’day candles when we’re out, and of course, I pretend to be completely oblivious of what they had in store, when returning to the table with their sheepish grins.

We decided to head to my parents’ for a late afternoon dinner, but on our way out, we strolled through the Seaport to enjoy the incredible spring-like weather. As we were leaving the area, we stumbled upon the Taylor Swift Experience pop up museum, so we snuck inside because the girls love her music.

Siella and Gemma were in their glory. There were tons of cool photos, wardrobe and interactive exhibits. And if you’ve seen any of my insta-stories, you’ll see Gemma forever singing Shake It Off.

We stopped at my parents house, before driving to a nearby Hibachi restaurant, a kid favorite! As many times as we’ve been there, it never gets old. The kids love the playfulness of the chef, and the novelty of having the food cooked right at the table. Not to mention, the food is always delish!

And if you’ve never experienced a birthday at a Hibachi restaurant, you’re missing out. The lights go dark, laser lights shine, gongs bang, and the staff parades to your table, belting out a happy birthday jam. Usually I’m mortified by the spectacle, but this year, I decided to just go with it. It was a great night with my family!

I think the word to describe how I am feeling is lucky. I am extremely fortunate to have three awesome children, who are healthy and happy little people. Blessed to have a very supportive husband, who is there for me for everything, even when he’s away from time to time. Charmed by my friends (you all know who you are!) for being such an amazing group of women and mamas! Grateful for my job that keeps me home with family, while simultaneously, taking us all over the world. I’m continuing to feel all sorts of inspired by it all, and hope I can continue to share all that amazing energy with you, this year and for years to come.

Thank you to everyone for making me feel extra special on my birthday! It’s the little gestures that mean to the world to me. Sure, I am still un-easy about getting closer to forty, pondering the future, and what’s to come, but I just read this caption about the number 36, and feel like it is pretty on point:

“The essence the numerology number 36 represents energies that accomplishes creative goals for helping humankind. Above all else, 36 is a humanitarian. 36 does like to have fun, especially when it involves its creative aspects. Family gatherings are also one of its pleasures. The 36 essence is worldly and sophisticated. It is both self-sufficient and self-sacrificing for progress toward the fulfillment of its humanitarian vision. So here’s to turning 3-6 (insert omgggg face)! 

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your birthday! That is awesome. Belated happy birthday to you! Nothing is better than spending time with the whole family om your special day.

  2. I also have a birthday that is around Vday within a week so who I date they have to celebrate 2x! Well cheers to another year and many more to come!

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