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The Time Warp

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As much as I try to pretend that time is not marching on at lightening speed, I can’t help but think about the future. I often wonder what my kids will be when they grow up—will they remember all these fun things we did and vacations we took—and milestones they hit? Probably not. And when I try to show them their first steps or their first soccer goals I’ll have to shuffle through a zillion pictures on my phone or digital albums on my laptop to find those moments.

Preserve Digital Photos And Videos With TimeSpring

Looking back now isn’t what it used to be. We have so many photos and so many videos that it is difficult to pinpoint the important moments or even keep track of everything. Social media services like Instagram and Facebook are great for tracing memories but there is so much information to sift through and I often don’t have time to go through everything. I am sure my kids will lose interest while they are scrolling through years of pictures and hundreds posts to find that one special moment.

Preserve Digital Photos And Videos With TimeSpring

I remember picking up old albums at my grandparents’ homes and seeing pictures of us when we were little, or even pictures of my parents when they were young. There were just a few photos from each year and we cherished them. We’d find old photos of great grandparents or great aunts and but we couldn’t identify many of the people. I would ask the story behind each picture but unless there was a clear birthday cake in the photo or a halloween costume, no one could remember the moment accurately. My dad would squint his eyes and say, “Hmm…third birthday…maybe fourth?” My mom might have a better (but still vague) recollection or a funny story (perhaps her revisionist memory) but I was always skeptical.

Preserve Digital Photos And Videos With TimeSpring

We needed some sort of guide or note to go along with each old photo that would tell the story and breathe life into each of those moments. I think about that for my children now…preserving specific and meaningful memories that I can show them in the future that they can discover on their own. I remember making time capsules as a kid and being so thrilled to read notes and letters I wrote to myself. Even if the letter was only from the previous year it felt like stepping back in time. Imagine finding a photo ten years from now accompanied by a written memory of that special moment. Like stepping back in time or looking into the future. I get chills just thinking about it.

Preserve Digital Photos And Videos With TimeSpring

TimeSpring is a new mobile App that does exactly that! It preserves digital photos and videos—your memories—and then delivers them to your kids on specific dates in the future—dates you select. It is a time-release messaging service. You don’t have to print anything out or painstakingly create and organize a digital album that you then probably have to transfer to an external hard drive because the files are so large…and what if the laptop crashes? Memories are lost. No thanks. TimeSpring is the solution to all of that.

Preserve Digital Photos And Videos With TimeSpring

TimeSpring enables time-released messaging so that parents, grandparents, even the kids themselves can send photos and videos into the future. How amazing would it be to capture your child’s first steps then have it delivered on their first day of high school…or college with a note about how proud you were watching them take their first baby steps and now you’re watching them run and soar into their future. I can hardly hold back tears thinking of how exciting this will be to have surprise memories delivered to them.

Preserve Digital Photos And Videos With TimeSpring

The TimeSpring App Photo messaging is free; one-time video messaging is .99 cents per message; and unlimited photos and video messaging is $29.99 a year. We parents might have to send a few to ourselves to remind us of the milestones we hit with our kids and to make us appreciate each moment.

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21 thoughts on “The Time Warp”

  1. I missed out on having kids. All do to internet shaming. My fault. Thought I could out smart people. I was shamed due to my part in the killing of an unborn fetus . Now it would be so hard to meet a nice girl. I have a ton of baggage and problems. Honestly I do ok or used to in that department. I may never be in a relationship again

  2. This seems like a fun and almost necessary App. I am inundated with pictures and never print them. This would be a great way to save and date those memories.

  3. Laura @ MommyDearest

    This sounds like a great app. I hardly have any printed photos everything is digital. This is a great way to sort through and send memories.

  4. I think I say it weekly, time keeps flying at warp speed and all I want to do is wrangle it in and hold on tight. SIGH…
    I need the Time Spring App in my life!! I’ve become horrible at organizing photos. I use to make scrapbooks and photo albums, but time, more kids, school…etc. etc. Yes, I will totally look into this app.

  5. That’s quite a useful app. I can remember as a child seeing an old photo and no one could remember what was happening or the exact time frame. This is great for keeping track of all that

  6. I think this would be a great thing to have with my phone. I have a lot of pictures of events, family and friends that would be great to make memories of.

  7. I haven’t organized pictures in about a decade. They are just all stored on clouds somewhere. This would be pretty helpful.

  8. This sounds like a great app. No more being bombarded with millions of vacation pics, instead you can trickle them out to family. No more forgetting birthdays and anniversaries too!

  9. What a cool idea. I love looking back at photos from when I was a kid. I remember so many of the places and trips we took and how much fun they were. Getting a time released digital memory is such a nice gift to share with your kids to remind them of all the times you spend together.

  10. That sounds like such a lovely app for families to keep their memories in and share it with the rest of the members as well. I think it’s really helpful in keeping track of all the special memories throughout the years!

  11. Time Spring seems like a really useful app. I can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up with so many photos. I have so few from certain parts of my childhood. In a way, kids are lucky today in that they will have such a complete record of their childhood. But it can get overwhelming in picture overflow. So that’s nice that there are apps that can help keep the important moments organized.

  12. I love this app and need to check it out more fully. Thanks for sharing the information with us so we can organize our information for the future generations.

  13. This app sounds so good. Definitely perfect to keep memories forever! I have so many photos on my phone that it is so hard to actually see the special moments.

  14. This is so amazing! I am a photo hoarder and can never bring myself to get rid of any photos because I may want to send it to someone later. Time Warp sounds like my perfect solution.

  15. This sounds like such a clever app! It’s a great idea, as like you my phone is full of photos and videos and locating specific ones is very tricky!

  16. This sounds really awesome! A great way to keep your memories organized. I’ve taken the greatest amount of photos since becoming a parent, and I wouldn’t want to lose a single one!

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