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The Summer Books You Need in Your Beach Bag

You can totally have a summer reading list as an adult! Specifically, I like to put together a list of books I can bring to the beach or read by the pool. There’s just something so relaxing about reading under the warm sun with the birds chirping in the background. Albeit, starting or ending the day with a good book is the best way to spend the summer. So, calling all book lovers- this list is full of books for you to throw in your beach bag!

Here are some things I like to think about when it comes to deciding on my go-to beach read:

Type of Books

Firstly, when I say type of books, I mean the genre or a specific author I like to stick with. For example, there are a ton of Colleen Hoover fans who will read anything she puts out– I’d have to say, I am one of them! I truly think they are some of the best summer books! It also can depend on what mood I’m in. For example, try a comedy,  a memoir or maybe a suspenseful read for the day. Moreover, has anyone ever finished a whole book at the beach in one sitting before?

Book Club

Secondly, are you in a book club? I ask because if you are there are a few things you have to consider. Comparatively, are you up to date on the assigned readings for the week or month? While book clubs can be a really fun way to enjoy a hobby of reading and chatting about the stories with friends, the clubs can also sometimes feel a bit much, if a book is assigned that is not enjoyable. Equally, what authors and genres has the club been reading? Henceforth, do you want to stick with those for pleasure reading or branch out? There’s so much to consider, and why not try it all?!

How Much Time I Have

If I’m planning a quick trip, I want to find a book that maybe isn’t suspenseful so I will be alright setting it down for a moment after. When I choose a beach read, I try to save the longer one’s and my favorite authors for the longer trips and romantic comedy type of books for shorter trips. As a suggestion, come up with a list and try to plan out reading time!

New Summer Books

Finally, what’s hot on the page turner list? For instance, I’ve been checking around for books with a summer release date and I truly think I’ve found quite the list! Furthermore, f you’re looking for an unexpected turn, new perspective on life, beautiful story of friendship, time travel, historical fiction, a story of love or a little romance, my favorite place to  look for summer vacation books is Amazon! Correspondingly, it’s just really easy to look their all of their categories and most of the books are on Prime, so they ship quickly!

I would love to know what books you are most looking forward to reading this summer?!

For more book suggestions, visit here!

A true story about a woman whose life felt like it was coming apart and she went on a journey to find herself again. Stephanie took a 115 day journey around the world to redisover herself and find her spark again.
I obviously had to include this one, as the show recently premiered on Amazon Prime. It’s the classic summer love story we all love to read!
A Nantucket sweetheart is coping with a breakup and fixes up a hotel as the GM. Can she win the heart of the London owner?
Colleen Hoover does it again! This is the sequel to “Glorious and Touching”!
This classic golden boy and troubled girl tale is one you won’t be able to put down! Will they come together and work out or are they not meant to be?
I think the title speaks for itself here. This is another really inspirational read that will make you want to set out on a journey of your own!
Does anyone here love a good memoir? MSNBC Anchor, Katy Tur brings us into her life and growing up in a home with journalist parents.
I love a book that can make you a better person. This one does just that and really makes you think about love, both for yourself and others.
This may be one of the best beach reads yet! Fate brings together 3 complete strangers who open up a bookshop on a boardwalk on the West Coast. It sets the story up for such an interesting read that absolutely screams to be read on the beach.
A book about social media? I’m interested! This book weaves together social media, motherhood and female friendships in the most modern way- by following a momfluencer!
Jodi Picoult has some absolutely classic reads! This book was actually just sold to Netflix for a film– so I’m very excited about that! Diana has everything, but when she’s trapped on an island during a worldwide virus, she starts to rethink her whole life.
Anyone who loves reading or watching things about the Kennedy’s- this is for you! It’s a story of how the two met and as his power grows, she begins to question life in the spotlight.
I am here for this one! It’s an interesting read about how “boys will be boys” doesn’t always ring true.
“Seven days to fall in love, fifteen years to forget, and seven days to get it all back again”. I was drawn in by that! It follows two people who had a week long romance and by chance, come across each other again, 15 years later!
Coming out this August, this read was written by Long Island Native, Hilary JM Topper. It follows her journey from nearly failing gym class to biking and running as an adult. It’s incredibly inspirational!

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15 thoughts on “The Summer Books You Need in Your Beach Bag”

  1. Jennifer Prince

    I need to get back into reading. Since becoming a writer, I am always reading, so it’s hard for me to do it for enjoyment. I need to try again!

  2. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    I recently traveled for over 16 hours. While packing I was very confused while trying to locate a suitable book. Wish I had your list handy. Any case I’m saving this list for my next travel. Would love to read from Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! Will definitely check out the new summer books. 🙂

    Also, I can totally relate with you. I am a Colleen Hoover fan and yes, I am probably
    going to read all the books she launches.

    Wish You Were Here is on my TBR list.

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