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Beach Games Your Family Will Love

Who likes to play games at the beach?! I know it’s something my whole family loves to do and it’s actually a really great way to spend quality time together. When I was shopping for cool beach items, I discovered a ton of games, which is super exciting! I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for a fun game to add to our beach bag. Fun family beach games are important in our house, as they are a way to stay entertained and away from screens. These games are all family friendly and I hope you enjoy playing them this summer!

Ease to Bring

We’ve all been there, carrying a ton of things to the beach that we either don’t use or don’t really seem worth lugging out in the hot sand. Furthermore, easy transportation is key this summer! For instance, if you have a lot of help, bring the games that you need extra hands to carry! On the other hand, if there is already a ton of stuff to bring out, go for the games that are more compact.


When I say seasonal, I mean there are certain games that are for the warmer months and we should totally take advantage of those. For example, bocce ball, tennis balls, items to make a classic sand castle, beach bowling and volleyball nets for beach volleyball are all meant for the entire family and friends to play on a beach trip. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a simple flying disc or water bucket relay. These things are super easy to find a dollar store for fun activities.


Some games are complicated and for older kids or teens and adults, while others are made for young children or all ages. For instance, a relay race, seashell hunt, a beach scavenger hunt or making sand angels are a fun little competition for family members of all ages. While things like checkers are more advanced. They actually sell beach towels these days that have game boards printed on them, which makes for really easy and fun team games to bring out for a long day at the beach. I have to say, that is a family favorite of ours, it is a top pick and makes for the perfect game as well as a great time.


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This is the ultimate easily transportable game! It’s super compact and how cute is it?!
Cornhole can provide hours of entertainment. I think this is a great idea and love that it’s travel size, so it’s easy to carry.
This is exactly what I was talking about! Not only is this towel amazing quality, but there is a full game to play on it!
This is a fun game that is perfect for on the go. You can skip the net and just bounce it between two people.
This is a ball that bounces on water! How cool is that? And it’s really easy to carry out there, it can easily bit in your beach bag.
The mitt on this is velcro, so it’s easy to catch the balls and works for most ages! It’s also incredibly easy to toss into your bag and bring.
Having a seashell hunt? You need these bags to keep the shells in! How cute are they?! They’re like mini purses and are waterproof, so you can wash off the shells and keep them in there.
This entire set comes with everything you need: the net, ball, pump for the ball and stakes. It does requiere a lot to carry it out there, but if it’s a big family or friends function, it’s so worth it!
There’s something so fun about kites. They are perfect for the beach and I think this one is really cute!
Not only is this incredibly cute, but so much fun! It’s small enough to transport in its own bag and keep in the car.
Another one that is a bit more to carry, but so much fun! It’s also great to have for your backyard for the summers.
This is a fairly simple game to understand and it can be for all ages, mostly. How adorable are these colors?!
I don’t know about you, but my kids love playing card games! Uno is a classic game and these cards are waterproof, so they can be taken to the beach or pool and can just be tossed in your beach bag!
There’s something so competetive, yet so fun about trivia games! My kids love this type of stuff and it always ends up being such great family time.
The ultimate sand castle kit! Build castles in the sand like a pro this summer! This kit has everything you need and it comes with a bag to store it in!

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17 thoughts on “Beach Games Your Family Will Love”

  1. I like a lot of these. The paddle set was a big hit when my kids were little. We always had snorkel gear and a soccer ball then something to throw and catch covered entertainment.

  2. We enjoyed playing many of these games at home, especially badminton, bocce, and Uno. Whenever we took our kids to the beach, we brought buckets, shovels, and a ball if we had room.

  3. Richelle Milar

    These are all really great and exciting beach games! My kids would love to do all of these specially volleyball!

  4. These are awesome suggestions that I will remember next time. Usually we have a lot of fun by making a contest of the most beautiful sand castle.

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