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The Pampers Pure Collection

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Every mom knows that diapers and wipes are one of those everyday essentials you just can’t compromise on. Performance is everything—if a diaper doesn’t hold up through all the wet and dirty situations, you can count most moms out. Through the hundreds…no, thousands of diapers I’ve changed, I have always trusted Pampers to keep us covered.

As a mom who pays close attention to products I expose my children to, I am always looking for more options that meet all my needs. Well, guys…there is a new Pampers diaper and wipe collection on the block and I think you’re going to love it. Pampers Pure Protection diapers are made with premium cotton, plant-based fibers and other thoughtfully selected materials, to give parents more options for their little ones—but sticking with the Pampers performance that we all know and trust.

My kids are way out of diapers but I definitely tried my share of natural diapers and nothing impressed me—they either leaked, or were stiff and scratchy or didn’t react well with my children’s skin. I am so excited about Pampers Pure Protection that I have partnered with writer and fellow mom, Julie Inzanti, to test these diapers out on her 7-month-old son, John. Side note: Julie also has a three-year-old daughter so she is no stranger to the diaper dilemma. Since she is kids product and gear obsessed, she has tried practically every brand but continues to return to her favorite—Pampers. She was excited to hear the brand is now offering even more options to their product line-up she already loves since she already regularly stocks Swaddlers for her infant and Easy Ups for her toddler.

The results for Pampers Pure are positively glowing! Pampers Pure Protection diapers are made without lotions, chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, natural rubber latex or any of the EU 26 other allergens. And Pampers Pure also has new stylish and curated prints on the diapers that are so cute.

Not only has Pampers impressed us with the new Pampers Pure Protection diapers they have won us over with the Pampers Aqua Pure wipes, which are designed to give moms the highest water content wipe while still delivering outstanding skin protection. Specifically, their new Aqua Pure wipes are crafted with 99% water, a touch of premium cotton, and 1% of gentle cleansers. These wipes are specifically designed to help maintain the pH of baby’s delicate skin – and are safe for use on newborn bottoms, hands and faces!

All three of my children have sensitive skin so finding wipes that clean without irritating their skin is so important. Maybe we aren’t stocking diapers at my house anymore, but we definitely still keep wipes around…in the bathroom, in the car and I often throw a bag into my tote when we’re heading to the park or beach.

Super excited to see this product finally hit the shelves (you can find them online here) look for the Pampers Pure white package with the pretty watercolor heart design!

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7 thoughts on “The Pampers Pure Collection”

  1. I love these products! A baby’s skin is so sensitive. It only makes sense to use products that are as free of all the bad stuff as possible.

  2. Rachel Ferrucci

    We always used Pampers products and this will be great for moms to add to their baby care. Pampers has always been a trusted brand in my family and now for my grandchildren!

  3. Melissa Chapman

    U am also lucky to be done with diapers but my sister and brother are not and i have to let them know about these Pampers. I do still use a lot of wipes so i will look for these the next time i shop they sound so good for sensitive skin.

  4. We loved using Pampers when my girls were little. It was one of the few brands that didn’t irritate their sensitive skin.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The Pampers diapers today have changed so much compared to the time when my kids were still in diapers. We’ve trusted the brand then, and we are still buying them for our grandchildren. Nothing can come close to Pampers’ quality!

  6. I am not a mom yet but I would be the type of mom that would be looking for organic items for my baby. I am so happy Pampers is making a conscious decision to have better products and more natural.

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