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The 11 Best Ballet Flats for Fall

Who would’ve guessed one of the top shoe trends at the moment would be a pair of ballet flats? I haven’t worn a pair of flats in what feels like years and there’s a large part of me that’s excited for the flat trend because I am constantly running all over the city. The best part is that these are a pair of shoes that won’t break or have you roll your ankle running to meetings since they’re flat! Fashion trends come and go but a good pair of flat shoes are quite honestly a classic shoe. The good news is they can be worn from work out to dinner and will give you that polished look you want while still remaining a comfortable, everyday shoe. These are the best ballet flats of the season!


Firstly, the best flats come in all different colors. You know me, I’m not afraid of a variety of colors and I even prefer brighter ballet slippers. Few things are better than a pink buttery soft leather. That’s the perfect pair for my fall wardrobe! Personal styles are up to each of us and I think that’s the beauty of being human. We’re all different and get to express ourselves all in various casual looks with a classic silhouette shoe. We’re seeing a lot of golden yellow, pale blue and magenta trend cycles for a classic ballet flat and I’m loving it all! Optimal comfort with a fun flair to it. Just don’t think about the price tag- these are an investment!


Moreover, let’s get back to the ultimate comfort aspect to these leather flats. If you’re not someone who goes for flats but you have to run around a city for work or have events that require standing, I’d suggest chic flats! They’re great for everyday wear and can even be your slip-on style travel shoes to get you from point a to point b. A comfortable fit can determine a lot of things about your day and blisters are not a girl’s best friend! I think we all remember our first pair. It’s the first time little kids can wear ballerina shoes outside of the dance studio and ballet footwear becoming streetstyle was legendary! I’d count those comfy Mary Jane flats as comfortable ballet flats! These can come in different shapes and styles.



​Finally, bonus points if you can nail a trend that is actually a pretty classic style. For instance, the Mary Jane straps are iconic and seen on a lot of shoes these days. Furthermore, pointed-toe ballet flats are so incredibly on trend. I’d go up a half size because the point takes up space from your toes. They’re an elevated type of flat that means business! I have a pink pair and need to pull them out of my closet for the season. These are shoes that can be used to dress up any outfit so any price point for a trendy pair will completely be worth it!

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