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The Cutest Easter Baskets

Easter Sunday will arrive quicker than we think and Easter gift baskets are on my mind! I love all things Easter: Easter eggs, Easter gifts, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, sweet treats, traditional Easter baskets, Easter egg hunt and so much more! They even make wonderful centerpieces if you’re hosting a party! I love to go for extra-large Easter baskets because they can fit more things than just Easter treats. Moreover, I’m a classic Easter basket kind of girl, but the options are endless and when it comes to shopping for each family member, you want to go for the personalized Easter basket options. For example, I have older kids, so the special day looks a little bit different than when they were little, but Easter morning is always a special day for kids of all ages.

Here are my top Easter basket choices for the holiday this spring!


Firstly, when I think of creative Easter basket ideas, my mind always jumps to either a handmade basket or traditional wicker baskets. I think it’s strictly because these are more traditional options that I grew up with. But these days, there are choices galore! And I think that’s what the best part is. Henceforth, they are all so different. I’ve found several different options that include soft felt, which is perfect for little ones and for Easter egg hunts for plastic eggs, rustic Easter baskets, foam, a plush bunny design and even cord. Specifically, the perfect place to shop for a sweet basket is Pottery Barn Kids. They just have so many options, that I find myself always checking there first. But don’t worry- I’ve found baskets at all price points!


Secondly, I mentioned that I go for the larger baskets and I want to explain more about that. Because my kids are a bit older, we do more than just cadbury mini eggs and chocolate-covered pretzels. Our favorite Easter basket stuffers are summer and spring break related items, such as flip flops, travel pouches, towels and bathing suits. We go for things the kids will use the next two seasons! For instance, you could totally do a stuffed animal, crafts, books, nail polish or even hats. Obviously the sweet tooth options can be more fun and traditional, but I want you to keep in mind that it doesn’t have to just include candy. Furthermore, if you have little kids, I’d say go for the smaller baskets so they can carry them while they hunt for Easter eggs!


Finally, personalization is always a fun add-on. This could be several different things including monogramming, basket liners, colorways and more! We like to monogram liners so the kids know which basket is theirs and they are reusable so they can fit on pretty much any basket. It feels like a stocking for Christmas, but the Easter version! Easter basket options truly are endless and I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! Keep an eye out for my blog post coming out soon all about basket stuffer ideas!

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Firstly, how cute are these little ears?! It comes in two different shades and the quality is great.
The face on this is way too adorable! I just want to put tons of candy and books in here!
I love this option! The woven ears make it really sweet and it will last you years.
You already know this is a top favorite of mine! The monogrammed liner is really cute, too.
I like this option because it’s more of a bag than a basket. So if you want something that may be more durable, this is for you!
I love a pink option! The little pouf on it is so cute and it fits a lot!
I’m loving the fabric ears on these baskets! The face woven on it is super cute, too.
This is a stunning basket! It’s handmade and will last a lifetime!
Specificially, this is my style! The pink, monogramming and scalloped hem. It’s all perfection!
Furthermore, if you have really little one’s I recommend this basket. It’s soft and so cute!
Moreover, I love the other color option here! It’s soft and perfect if you have toddlers and younger. It’s the best size for an egg hunt!
Finally, if you are getting a basket or even need something last minute for kids, this is a great option! It’s already filled with candy and they can keep it after and use it as a drum!
My girls love everything Super Smalls makes! If you use the code: EASTER at checkout, you can get a free tote with every $50 order!

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