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My Monthly Favorites

It’s that time of the month again! Time to announce my favorite things that I have been loving over the last month! I announce a lot of these things in my weekly newsletters, which if you aren’t subscribed, you’ll want to be because I include a lot of fun finds in there! My favorite part of finding new favorites is being able to test them out for you all to make sure they are worthy of being an absolute favorite of mine. It’s a good thing returns exist, because often times things don’t work out. But it’s always a great way to test out new products and items. This can be our March madness! So whether it’s home decor, dish soap, a slow cooker, makeup, skincare or even a washing machine, I’m sharing it all with you!

Here are my favorite things for the month!


This is a huge category because we have really been lucky enough to travel a lot lately. I’d have to say that my favorite travel we have done this month is to Madrid and Marakech. Don’t worry, I’ll be making an entire blog post all about our travels, as well as sharing it on social media. But it truly is so amazing to go to a different country and fully immerse yourself in the things that people do, eat and wear in that location. And, of course, the warmer weather helps make it more fun because we’re away from cold NY.


We’re coming up on St. Patrick’s Day, and I actually have a whole post about the first time I cooked for our St. Paddy’s Day dinner! I made homemade corned beef and Irish soda bread. They were a hit and the family has been asking for them every single year since! I can’t complain because I’m proud of my family loving our Irish traditions, there’s something so special about that.

Go-To Look

When I’m not on the slopes this season, I’ve been wearing some of my favorite things: skirts! I love my maxi skirts, especially getting to play around with different fabrics like silk. One of my favorite winter tips is when you want to wear a chunky sweater with a skirt, you have to give it some sort of shape. The best way to do this is to tuck the front part of the sweater into the skirt. I know it’s so simple, but it really makes the world of a difference!


You all know how much I value skin care. Our faces are forever and our skin is an investment. The Rose Inc, Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturizer is one I’ve been loving for dry winter skin. It’s also great for those of you who have oily skin because it’s not oil based. It does the job!


The Dae Monsoon Moisture mask is chef’s kiss! Not only does it smell amazing, but it is huge and lasts so long because a little goes a long way. Seriously, it takes me the better part of a year to make it through this tub and I use it once a week for luscious, moisturized locks.

Book of the Month

The book of the month is Swimmers: A Novel. It’s about life and dementia and this book won a major award. I think that is evidence enough that it’s worthy of a read! It’s nice to read a book about helping others and learning to overcome fears.

Favorite Finds

Now, it’s time for my favorite part: the ultimate shopping finds! It was hard to only choose a few things, but that’s okay. Because we don’t need that much so a couple things we want to buy ourselves every once in awhile is fair.

Rose Ice Cubes

Towel Scrunchies

Underwear Pack

Puff Earrings

LoveShackFancy Sunglasses

For more of my favorite things, visit here!

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26 thoughts on “My Monthly Favorites”

  1. I always love seeing your fashion finds with you and your beautiful family! The heart puff earrings are adorable. Thanks for sharing your March favorite finds!

  2. These are some awesome favorite things. I love that you guys traveled to Madrid. Can’t wait to read more about that. You’re go to looks is super cute!

  3. Love your favorite things. I love that you guys traveled to Madrid and actually considering go myself. Traveling with family and friends makes the experience more fun. Also love your go-to look. Super cute!

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