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The Coolest Water Floats For Summer

Well summer is right around the corner, which means its swimming season! Whether your family enjoys being poolside, seaside, or lakeside, summer always means swimming! I love being at the beach in the summer, but I also love a great pool hang. What makes being in the water even better are the water floats. There are so many great options these days for all personalities. Some are girly and cute, some are functional to hold our summer cocktails, and some help us relax and lounge. I’ve gathered some of my favorites for the whole family!

This is exactly what happens to ice cream if left in the summer heat. Hahah! My girls would go wild for this float! So fun for all ages.
This giant clam is so perfect for lounging and totally insta worthy!
This float would brighten up any pool scene! Theres just something so joyful about a rainbow and all its colors.
Sparkle and shine as your drift across the water atop this ride-on swan pool float.
Live the yacht life right in your own pool.
Take a little dip in this mini inflatable pool.
Finally float like a butterfly on this pool raft that will always make you feel graceful on the water.
Add a little sparkle to your pool day hang with this glittery chair float.
We are just loving the colors on this festive Llama!
Double the tube, double the fun! I’ve never seen a floatie like this and I love the idea of sitting close to a best friend while lounging in the pool.
Taking flight, the NEW FUNBOY Private Jet Airplane float features a new look with metallic gold and baby blue accents throughout and a checkered daybed print.
Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle Pool Float makes the perfect lounger!
Head in the clouds and toes in the pool with this vivid, rainbow pool float lounge
Get ready for the ultimate relaxing experience with the Intex Rockin’ Lounge Pool Flat. The contoured design provides extra comfort as you float around in your pool.
A sunny-day accessory with some serious siren vibes, this SunnyLife float is a playful addition to make your next pool day a little more magical.

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12 thoughts on “The Coolest Water Floats For Summer”

  1. What cool pool floats. I love the Rockin’ Lounger and the Rose All Day floats. Now I just need a pool or to find a beach.

  2. These are all so darn cute and functional. I love that they are also functional, honestly. I wish I had a big personal pool or easier access to one. I’d be grabbing a few if I did.

  3. Amy Desrosiers

    These floats are so much fun! I love how bright and colorful they are! The Rainbow Island Float is my favorite of the bunch!

  4. Those are all so awesome. We love pool floats! We’ve got some neat ones too. I need to get that sea shell one. I love it!

  5. I like the different looks of these floaters, they are beautiful and I really like them so much.

  6. These are such fun floats! When we lived in Arizona, we had a bunch of really fun floats we used in our backyard pool! We made sure to have plenty so that our guests could pick fun ones when they came over as well!

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  8. That lounger speaks to me. But I guess my kids would love that lama. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing this!

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