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The Best Basic White Tees

Something to think about as we enter a new season is a wardrobe refresh. If there’s one thing we all need in our closets, it’s the perfect white t-shirt! These can go under sweaters or be worn on their own as a staple look. It’s all about what you’re looking for in terms of styling! There are so many different fabric options, silhouettes and price points to consider. Although, we are here to narrow down the perfect plain white tee for all of your styling needs for everyday wear. We’ll get into more color options as we enter fall! Specifically, a basic white tee is something that is versatile enough to go with anything and can be dressed up or down.

Here are the most classic white t-shirt options I’ve been loving lately:


Firstly, the fabric is everything! Organic cotton is one of the best t-shirt fabrics around because of how comfortable it is. Now that we’re entering a cooler season, it’s the best material for transitional outfits. Soft fabric is a must! Especially if these shirts are being used for undershirts, comfort is always the best option over discomfort in fashion. If I can give any advice in this category when it comes to fabric weight, it’s that a breathable cotton is a great choice for your favorite white t-shirt. Cotton blends tend to last a long time and spoiler alert: they are some of the best fitting! Just be sure to wash them in cold water in your washing machine!

Price Point

Secondly, would you believe me if I told you that a lot of my favorite t-shirts are not the most affordable? Since when did plain white shirts not become affordable? High end options are great and I will include a few below but the best quality doesn’t have to equal the most expensive. Furthermore, a classic t-shirt with a great fit can be found at tons of stores such as Everlane, Shopbop, Nordstrom or Madewell. Affordable price is something I’ve been looking into for a classic crewneck shirt with a timeless look and I think I’ve finally narrowed down the best white t-shirts at all price points so you can best determine your favorite staple shirt.


Finally, style experts would tell you that determining your favorite fit will help you find the perfect white tee you are on the hunt for. For example, a relaxed fit or looser fit will look drastically different from a classic fit or slim fit. And the tightness isn’t the only factor to consider. Some people like a crop fit for high-waisted pants or skirts while others prefer a longer length or oversized t-shirts to go for a baggier look with leggings.

Take longer torsos or shorter torsos into account, as well when you are finding your tee! There’s nothing more uncomfortable to wear than an ill-fitted white tee you’re tugging at all day. Moreover, have you considered cap sleeves for a vintage look or oversized sleeves for a relaxed look? Personally, I love a simple white t-shirt that is the perfect fit to be tucked into a skirt or worn comfortably under a chunky knit.

1.Reformation Muse Tee, 2.SLVRLAKE Natural Tee, 3.Rag & Bone Mini Slub Tee, 4.Frame Flounce Tee, 5.THE GREAT Slim Tee, 6.Leset Rib Tee7.Cozyland Baby Tee, 8.AGOLDE Cap Sleeve Tee, 9.Madewell Brightside Tee, 10.MOTHER Slub Tee, 11.Leset Pointelle Tee, 12.Nation LTD Cap Sleeve Tee

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