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The American Girl Doll of 2022

Corinne Tan is the American Girl of the year for 2022! This beautiful girl is all about adventure and striving to make dreams come true, and that’s why we’re so in love with her. Growing up, I was always interested in fashion, and I knew I wanted to make that a huge part of my life. Of course, an industry like fashion can seem out of reach, but I never gave up on my dreams. Today, I’m living that dream, and I’m so happy I never let go of it. That’s why I love Corinne Tan so much. She encourages girls and boys to follow their dreams and embrace adventure.

Corinne loves to ski in the Aspen mountains, and she loves training her new puppy. He’ll be a search and rescue dog one day. She embraces everything life has to offer, and she’s always looking to the horizon. Along with her sister, Gwynn – a “little sister” doll and an American Girl first – Corinne hits the slopes, helps her dad, and learns how to train her dog to be the best helper on the slopes.

In addition to teaching the importance of following your dreams and living fearlessly, Corinne Tan has another important message to share. She helps teach children about the power of love and the importance of accepting and embracing others even when they may not look like us. In the accompanying book, Corinne must adapt to her family’s changing dynamics after her parents get divorced. Along the way, the story sends a message that “families change, love remains the same”. The book also explores Corinne’s Chinese heritage and addresses anti-Asian racism, offering lessons in empathy and anti-racism along the way. These messages are so important for our children, and this adorable doll is the perfect vehicle to help teach them these lessons.


Lastly, American Girl is going beyond educating children about racism through Corinne Tan and her story. They’re branching out into real-world initiatives. To further support Corrine’s message, American Girl is partnering with AAPI Youth Rising, a middle school youth organization, supporting their recently launched pledge that asks schools to devote at least one day of Asian history and culture to the school year.

Corinne Tan is by far my favorite American Girl doll to date. With her powerful messages of love, anti-racism, embracing life, and following dreams, she’s the ideal doll to gift to any child. Her spirit and the lessons contained within her book, along with her super cute accessories make for a combination of fun, learning, and life lessons that will spark imagination, joy, and social consciousness in any child.

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16 thoughts on “The American Girl Doll of 2022”

  1. Cute! My daughter used to love these dolls. We had so many. I think we still have them actually because they’re so nice.

  2. My daughter loved her American Girl dolls. They are such great quality, and Corinne and her puppy are so cute. I’m tempted to buy the puppy for myself!

  3. She’s so beautiful. I love the American Girl dolls. I’m really loving the color of her hair too. I love that they did colorful hair.

  4. I didn’t know about this year’s doll, and she sounds so lovely. It is nice to have a doll you can really connect with. AG has so many great products now.

  5. I am loving this adorable American Girl Doll! My daughter had several as a kid and they really are fabulous dolls and I love your daughters dolls adorable winter outfit 😉

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