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The Aesthetic Skincare Your Tweens Want

Let’s chat skincare, specifically for your tweens and teens! The tween ages are perfect to begin the whole skincare journey. I think that is the time where they can have fun and experiment with skincare and figure out exactly what their skin types require. Ultimately, it is great to start young! Preventative skincare is just as important as the skincare we do to take care of active issues. Routines in life are essential to our well being and those don’t have to just look like things such as exercise or work. Our self care routines are some of the most important routines we do solely because if we aren’t taking time to take proper care of ourselves, we can’t take care of other people or tasks as well.

Here’s a few things to note before getting started with skincare:

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Skin Type

To begin, figuring out your child’s skin type is probably the most important place to start. The various types include: dry, sensitive, combination and oily. And yes, combination skin is a mix of a few of them, which can complicate things sometimes, but in this day and age, there is always a skincare solution. Henceforth, once you know their skin type, you can begin with the basics and then move towards skincare products to target specific needs!

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The Basics

When I say basics, I mean the things that everyone has in their routine. These items are all different, but the categories are the same and go as follows: toner, moisturizer, eye cream and lip care. All of these steps should probably be in everyone’s routine, but we all have different skincare needs, so that’s where the products differ and steps are added in. For example, someone with dry skin might add a hyaluronic acid into their routine to replenish moisture, while someone with oily or combination skin might need an AHA or BHA treatment to exfoliate their skin a few times a week.

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The Fun Stuff

Just because we have a routine, doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun! Altogether, the same goes for any skin issues we might be dealing with, we can find ways to make tackling those needs exciting. There are some products like wash off masks and sheet masks that can be done 1-2x a week and those are some things my girls look forward to doing because they’re special since we only get to do them so often. They even make cute shaped pimple patches these days, where were those when I was a teenager?!

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As always, skincare starts with a healthy gut, so making sure we take care of our bodies and drink enough water is incredibly important. Although, we recently started probiotics and those do wonder for the gut-skin connection! And remember, sunscreen is a daily thing– even if you’re not leaving the house–we do have windows!

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Skincare quote Text:/ "Loving you skin isn't vanity. It's sanity."

My girls love this set! It’s really refreshing and you get a few scents to try out!
Ice rolling is huge these days! It’s great to do in the mornings to depuff your face.
How cute is this product?! I like that they’re smaller, so your tweens can try them out and see if they like them before committing to the full size. They are perfect for travel!
This is a gel moisturizer, so if your child has oily or acne prone skin, this works wonders! I like to use gel moisturizers in the warmer months because they feel lighter on my skin!
This is a holy grail product! It really brightens up the under eye area and feels amazing!
This brand has such fun looking products! This is a great travel set that comes with everything you need, including a cosmetics bag!
It’s never too early to start incorporating vitamin c in your skincare! This is a fantastic clean brand that not only looks pretty, but it works so well!
This toner is life changing! If you don’t know, toners balance out the PH of our skin and are also great at removing any excess makeup or dirt from the day that might not have been completely washed off with a cleanser.
Hylaronic acid is amazing for making sure your face stays hydrated! This one smells amazing and leaves your skin glowing!
This is a really hydrating facial wash that gets all of the makeup and oil from the day off! It’s also a really clean brand, so you can feel good about your kids using it.
It’s great to find a mattifying sunscreen for the summer, as it gets so humid here! This is a great option and it works incredibly well!
This is a best selling product! It’s really hydrating, adds a perfect tint to your lips and comes in a few scents to choose from!
This is a really cool product. They are small patches to put over pimples to help heal them with salicylic acid and vitamin a and you can wear them at night or during the day and cover them with makeup!
My girls love face masks! They’re really fun to do and they work wonders on your skin! You get a lot for your money with this brand, as well.
Facial exfoliation is very important and it can be physical or chemical. AHAs and BHAs are great to start incoroporating into your tweens and teens skincare routines, just make sure you are using safe products with them and always do your research to find out what products are best for your skin!

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20 thoughts on “The Aesthetic Skincare Your Tweens Want”

  1. Skincare really makes a difference, and that’s a true statement for men, too, who often neglect their skin. I have often said that the main reason some people look much younger than they are is because of their healthy skin. It makes sense to protect the body’s largest organ!

  2. Skin care is such a fun, soothing and joyful form of self-care in my opinion. It’s so nice to get into when you’re young – I think it truly helps you to appreciate and love your skin! Love these suggestions for helping teens and tweens start their own skin care routine and discover which products work best for them!

  3. Oh wow this is a whole other world to me. My daughter is almost 9 but not quite there yet but I honestly can’t wait to pamper her with all this kind of stuff when she is. I’ll keep your recommendations in my back pocket for then – thanks!

  4. Melanie Edjourian

    I need to start looking into this type of skincare for my girls. They would like the tropical glow cleanser.

  5. Did you know that kids are obsessed with bubble? Also skincare is very expensive and maybe you can find a good brand that is cheaper?

  6. I was looking for the comment that said harsh chemicals and brands like Drunk Elephant and Glow Recipe are bad for kids skin but I couldn’t find it so I guess I’ll be that comment. Kids really don’t need that much product on their skin when they are young all they really need are cleansers, moisturizers, SPF and spot treatments for acne. I do realize that it could be fun for kids to try skincare and be “cool” or have routines to follow but please try to buy gentle products and not too many things. I don’t mean to hate on people I’m just warning people. 🙂❤️

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