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The Trendiest Ways to Wear Plaid and Houndstooth this Season

Fall fashion is one of my favorite fashion seasons. It’s no secret that I am not huge on plaid prints or houndstooth for that matter but they are huge for fall and winter looks. The holiday season and winter months tend to have so much plaid, specifically red plaid which is tough to style for my personal style. I’ve been on the hunt for a plaid pattern I can rock this fall in different ways throughout the next few seasons. Patterns are very on trend at the moment and if you are looking for an easy way to wear plaid pieces and houndstooth details, check out these tips!

Family wearing cute, trendy plaid and houndstooth outfits

Statement Piece

Firstly, an easy way to try out trendy patterns is to try out a statement piece to keep in your closet. For instance, a preppy plaid moto jacket or overcoat for the colder months is the perfect piece of clothing for the holiday season. I personally love a statement piece for a date night look, so I’ll lean towards plaid platform heels or a headband paired with a solid color to balance everything out. Furthermore, tartan plaid is not the only plaid that exists! You can find colorful plaid and neutral plaid. My personal favorite choice is a pink plaid or houndstooth pattern.



Secondly, we all know how on trend sets are. Specifically for the cooler months, these are easy looks to put together for outfit ideas. I’ve found a few plaid sets that are pinks and neutrals, so they are more versatile for the cooler months. A fun way to try out a patterned set is to go for midi skirts or mini skirts paired with the classic pattern in jacket form. It’s all about the feminine details that make flannel on trend and the silhouettes and fit will help out a lot with that. Moreover, preppy trends are huge amongst the tweens and teens, so you’ll feel like the cool mom styling your favorite color palette in terms of these patterns.

Daughters wearing dresses with pink and blue plaid skirts

Daughters wearing blue and pink matching plaid jackets for a trendy fall outfit


Finally, the easiest way by far to try out these fashion trends is with accessories. This way you’re not completely stepping out of your comfort zone and the buffalo plaid patterns are not the focal point of the look. For example, if you were to wear plaid skirts or oversized plaid skirts, they are the center of attention in terms of your look. While you can wear a solid shirt and black skinny jeans with a pair of slides that are of plaid or houndstooth pattern for that pop.

Brianne wearing trendiest fall outfit with blue denim jeans and clogs

Bags, shoes and hair accessories all are great examples of a good idea on how to get started with trying out new items in these patterns. This way, you’ll always have an accessory that adds either bright colors or a preppy trend to your neutral and simple looks without spending a boat load of money on a large piece you may only wear once. The best part is that it’s all up to how you want to style your wardrobe! Here are some pieces I think are great plaid and houndstooth items to add to your closet this season!

Brianne and her daughter wearing trending fall plaid pink jacket while looking up at holiday lights

Daughter in trendy fall pink plaid dress in front of cute floral decor

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