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Thankful Companions

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With the holidays in full swing, and coming off another Thanksgiving. I want to give thanks to our tiny companions, Teddy and Penny Lane. I don’t talk about them nearly as much as I should, but they truly are a huge part of our lives. Teddy and Penny Lane are ages 14 and 12 respectfully, so they are getting up on their age but not a holiday goes by, in which they aren’t involved in the process.

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For Halloween, we always get them costumes, which the kids always look forward to. This year, Teddy was Yoda and Penny was Darth Vader. Patience for their costumes last less than five minutes, but it was well worth the laughs from the kids, as they pranced around the apartment in their Star Wars best. For Christmas, their stockings are in line with ours, and Santa always remembers to leave gifts for them under the tree. For Thanksgiving yesterday, I couldn’t resist these pint size pilgrim hats to go along with special snacks, and a turkey leg toy for each of them.

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Like most dogs, they beg for food whenever we sit at the table for a meal. As much as I would love to give them a little piece of food from our plates, I know how important it is to make sure they only eat their healthy dog food. Beneful Dog Food has been our choice for them for years, and it is a brand that I trust. Teddy and Penny Lane were never introduced to wet food, so they’ve always had dry food, with their favorite including Beneful Originals with Real Beef or Chicken. For treats, we use Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Ridges.


I didn’t want them to feel left out of the festivities yesterday, so we gave them a few extra treats while we were eating dinner. Plus their new turkey leg squeaky toy let them “indulge” in some turkey too!


Prior to Thanksgiving dinner, we went around the table so the kids could name everything they were grateful for. All three listed Teddy and Penny Lane at the top of their lists, and I couldn’t agree more about our furry little family members! Hope you and your families all had an amazing Thanksgiving as well!

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