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A Quiet Escape To Berkshires

It’s no secret that Jason and I lead crazy busy lives. With his consistent work travel, at times I feel that we are ships passing each other through the night. We do our best to make time for one another, taking advantage of regular date nights, but a weekend escape is always welcomed. Pre kids, picking up and whisking away for a quick flight or long drive for the weekend was a regular occurrence, but work and kids have made those getaways few and far between.

A Quiet Escape To BerkshiresA Quiet Escape To Berkshires

A few months ago, we were itching to get away, so with a little bit of planning and prep (and thanks to my Mama for watching the kids), we decided to drive up to the Berkshires for a kid free weekend. I was looking forward to unplugging, and of course sleeping in! The car ride in itself was relaxing, with grown up conversation, and views of the gorgeous scenery. Our trek took landed us in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where we checked into The Red Lion Inn.

A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To BerkshiresA Quiet Escape To Berkshires

From the minute we checked in, we immediately went into relaxation mode. That was multiplied on this trip, because we signed up for the Inn’s Relax and Refresh Yoga Weekend, with a yoga session each morning, and a Saturday afternoon hike. I honestly cannot remember the last time we actually went on a hike together. Definitely before the kids were born, so I was so looking forward to it! We hiked Ice Glen trail, which is untouched wilderness, landscaped by rockpiles and formations, engulfed with super tall trees. Ice Glen derives its name from the ice of the glacier which lives below the rocks, crevices and surface. Not only is ice present year round, but its constantly shifting, resulting in the ever-changing topography of the landscape. Even our guide was impressed by how dramatically the trails had changed from just one season to the next. As a newcomer, it was mind-blowing to see ice peaking through track formations on that warm spring day, while feeling a refreshing coolness standing in the ravine. As part of the yoga influence on this trip, meditation was incorporated into the hike. What a great departure from the every day hustle and bustle of city life!

A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To BerkshiresA Quiet Escape To Berkshires

Sure, relaxation was the name, but we couldn’t help but be quite enamored by our digs for the weekend. The Red Lion Inn is one of the few New England inns operating continuously since the 18th century. Over the years and a number of expansions, it currently offers 125 individually decorated guestrooms, both elegant and casual dining, nightly live entertainment, a year-round heated outdoor pool & hot tub, a Gift Shop featuring featuring Berkshire-made goodies, and the Country Curtains Store.

A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To BerkshiresA Quiet Escape To Berkshires

While we could have stayed within the confines of the Inn for the duration of our stay, we really wanted to explore the beauty and charm of this Berkshire town. Stockbridge features tiny antique shops, ice cream parlors, galleries, and has great notoriety as the former stomping grounds of the great Norman Rockwell. The Norman Rockwell Museum houses the world’s largest and most significant collection of Rockwell art. I was surprised and nostalgic to see so many of this works that I recall from when I was a kid. On display was the Hanna Barbera: The Architects of Saturday Morning exhibit, which was super cool! I’m talking Flintstones, Jetsons, and Scooby Doo!

A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To Berkshires

Our day ended back at the Red Lion Inn, where we enjoyed dinner in the formal dining room, which features contemporary cuisine that is rooted in the region’s history. Emphasizing on natural flavors and locally sourced ingredients, Chef Alberg regularly updates the Inn’s menus to reflect the bounty of each changing season. After dinner, we went downstairs where the Inn hosts live music every night, in their “Lions Den.”

A Quiet Escape To Berkshires A Quiet Escape To Berkshires

Before heading home to our babies, we unwound with one more yoga session. It’s so easy to forget about my self care, but these two days of yoga, were just the kick I needed. I remember how good I feel after a workout, and since then, I’ve making to yoga at least twice a week.

Thank you Red Lion Inn for hotel, accommodations, and a super relaxing weekend. We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we are planning a trip back in the fall.

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14 thoughts on “A Quiet Escape To Berkshires”

  1. Amy Desrosiers

    Wow, this place looks like my kind of dream. I love the quiet atmosphere, the quirky hotel, and the nature!

  2. That looks like a beautiful place to check out! I have not been out to the East Coast in a long time and I forget how beautiful it is! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

  3. As much as we love our kids, a quiet kid free weekend with our spouse is so needed. I have never been up this way, but my goodness it looks so peaceful!!!

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