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IMG_3985 (1)

Sunday Styles: SwimZip

The past few weeks have been filled with trips out east to the east end, and adventures up north to Boston, and Vermont. With plenty …

IMG_1207 copy

Summer Diary, Week 3

When planning out the summer, I made a conscious decision to sign the kids up for camp the first two weeks after school let out, and …

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.43.00 AM

Great Outdoors, Protected

School is out for the next two months, and the big kids have started their little half day camps, leaving the remainder of our days to …


2 4 6 Respectively

When chatting with Jason the other day, it occurred to me, that with the passing of Siella’s birthday, we will have children ages 2, 4, …

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 5.26.01 PM

Saturday Style: Soak

Although the weather is telling us it’s still winter outside, I am very much in the spring zone. I refuse to wear my warm puffy …

Summer Fun With GoPro

It’s no secret that I absolutely love capturing pictures of my children. Photography has become a creative outlet and hobby for me. I think because I …


August, slow down

It seems the summer month of August is like the Sunday of each week. We still have the day off, yet we are anxious about …