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Favorite Outdoor Patio Finds

Summer is right around the corner! I know we’ve all been craving some outdoor time. I’ve been shopping for our new house out east and here are some pieces I’ve had my eye on!  So whether you’re hanging out with family or hosting some friends, these pieces work for everyone. A few of them are even great for the indoors, too.

I love the natural look of this coffee table. It’s versatile for any style or aesthetic.
This chair is so modern and adds a bit of dimension to the space. Such a fun piece!
This table is neutral and looks antique! It works well in any space-indoor or outdoor.
I absolutely love how these lounge chairs look. So comfy and goes well with everything!
How chic is this set?! It’s functional and elevates your outdoor space.
Another antique looking piece to add to your space. It’s stunning and would even look great in an entryway.
The all-weather bearable wicker is so practical and pretty. Add a pop of color to balance out the natural look and you’re ready for summer!
This chair is incredibly versatile and so easy to clean if you have kids! The covers can be removed and washed and wood is easy to wipe down.
This dining set comes in several colors and is multifaceted. The pieces can all be used on their own for extra seating or display fun charcuterie boards on the table alone for gatherings.
This piece looks great indoor or outdoor! The seat cover comes right off and is simple to wash, as well!
Another versatile piece that is so modern. It has an ombre look to it, which adds some fun dimension.
The grey stain look is so modern and neutral. The perfect piece for your kids to eat and play on this summer.
This bench is comfy and neutral. The covers come off and can be tossed in the wash for an easy clean.
This is a great solid wood table that will go with any chairs. You can fit 6 people comfortably at it and there’s room for plenty of food on it.
This set is a great price and offers plenty of seating. The wicker pieces open for storage, as well!

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20 thoughts on “Favorite Outdoor Patio Finds”

  1. wow Such a piece of beautiful patio furniture. I was looking for something like this to buy, Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. The furniture looks so elegant! I love kids’ picnic table a lot. We moved into a new house with a big backyard this winter, now it is time to make the outdoor area cozier.

  3. I love the greywashed outdoor chair – I am not one of those people who can handle the overly colorful patio furniture, I see so often in places like Home Depot – the soft palate of this chair is a lot more soothing, and screams relaxation time. Blessings

  4. These are gorgeous. We’re getting our patio done up this December (earliest we could get) and I can’t wait to finally be able to shop for outdoor furniture.

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