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The Summer Towel

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My family and I have been literally living at the beach or spending time in my parents pool this summer. Honestly, it’s been the best. The weather has been perfect so we are taking every bit of advantage of it. I will say though beach and pool time require a ton of gear too. Every outing, I’m checking off the mental list in my head – do we have enough towels, rash guards, boogie boards, water bottles, sun blocks, goggles, snacks, etc. All of these necessities have my beach bag filled to the brim and my laundry each night is definitely over the top. But it’s summer, right?!

I discovered Bersuse Towels this summer, and they have been a life saver! These Turkish towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, super soft, and dry super fast. They are perfect for everything really – beach, pool, bath, spa, sauna, gym, yoga, travel, picnic, home decoration, throw, shawl, sarong, pare, baby care.

The Summer Towel

I love that they can easily roll up and fit in my bag easily, especially when I’m toting five of them! The kids love them because they are usually dry in between their dips in the ocean or pool, so they always have something dry to throw on themselves. Bersuse Towels are anti-microbial-unlike fluffy cotton towels- so they do not get smelly and are machine washable and I swear get softer after each wash!

The Summer Towel The Summer Towel

Bersuse towels are available on Amazon as well as their online store. They come in a few sizes, and a ton of different patterns, colors, and prints! I will warn you, it’s really hard to choose just one because they are all so fun!

The Summer TowelThe Summer Towel

And my fav…when you purchase Bersuse products, 10% of their net profits are donated to premature and multiple birth foundations! Thanks Bersuse for giving back to the community and providing the best summer towels on the market!

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15 thoughts on “The Summer Towel”

  1. Just the fact that you mention how it can air dry between dips in the bowl makes me want to get about a dozen of these! These are brilliant, as you say, especially when you have to pack multiple towels for the entire family!

  2. That is very cool! We love going to the pool and I would love a towel that is light weight and easy to pack! They look pretty too! I will have to check into this!

  3. My friend was just telling me about Bersuse Towels the other day. I would love to get a few for the beach.

  4. Bersuse towels look like something we really need to add to our summer supply stash. I like the lightweight look of them and the fact that they dry quickly.

  5. We need new summer towels! I Love that these are fast drying! I need to go get myself some of these for when we visit the local pool/beach!

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