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Supporting Breast Cancer Research & Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. This is a cause very cause to my heart, as I have had close loved ones diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a cancer that takes too many victims from us. 1 in 8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Finding a cure is an ongoing effort. Year by year, story by story, and dollar by dollar, the efforts of fundraisers save lives. Your donations help tens of thousands of cancer fighters, survivors, and their families. Making a purchase that support fundraising efforts, is a totally easy and joyous way to help these efforts. I hope you can all join me in supporting this cause.

Each year our family participates in Bake It Happen. Due to COVID, there’s no baking this year, just donations. For every photo shared and tagged, Bake It Happen will donate $5 to the Cancer Couch Foundation. I also vouch to donate $5 for every comment left on this post. This year’s fundraiser is a tribute to Bake it Happen partner, Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalerra. Rebecca succumbed to MBC last December after a 4-year battle with the disease.
Donate $100 to the Vera Bradley Foundation and receive a beautiful gift package uniquely catered to you and the Gift Of Hope campaign.
Give the gift of life & shopping! 10% of the purchase price of a Bloomingdale’s Little Pink Card + 10% of any additional money the shopper spends, goes towards research!
For the month of October 50% of the proceeds for this Rhodochrosite gemstone bracelet will go towards breast cancer research, awareness, and prevention.
Shop the pink Pony collection at Ralph Lauren in support of breast cancer research! 25% of each purchase price is donated to the Ralph Lauren fight against cancer.
I absolutely love this necklace and this designer. For every pair of boobs sold, Cut & Clarity will donate $100 towards Chick Mission.
Most of my readers now I’m a big headband wearer, but this is an accessory with a great cause. 50% of each purchase of the Pink Lipstick Velvet Headband will go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
With colder weather upon us, cozy up for a cause. For every purchase made from Naked Cashmeres Love Collection, $50 will be donated towards research.
With all of staying home more often, gift yourself a new jogger set while supporting research. For every purchase of this jogger, $10 will be donated towards research.
We all could use more moisturizer during dry skin season. The amazing daily moisturizer also comes with a limited edition keychain in support of research & awareness.
Shop Wacoals’ Awareness Wire Free T-Shirt Bra and help fight breast cancer.
Everyone always needs more socks! Buy Sticky Be’s Be Brave socks in support of breast cancer awareness.
Absolutely loving the Love, Live, & Give collection from Silk & Salt. 20% of sales go back towards fundraising and research.

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23 thoughts on “Supporting Breast Cancer Research & Awareness”

  1. My heart is so happy knowing that there are a lot of companies extending their hands to help those are in need. Love it!

  2. As a baker myself, I need to look at the Bake it Happen! I haven’t heard of this organization but it sounds great. Thanks for informing us of how we can help raise both awareness and funds for this important research. I’m guessing all of us have friends and/or family that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

  3. This is important to know that so many company support breast cancer. we do everything we can to eliminate breast cancer, but is first hoping for a good turnout to support causes in the future.

  4. It’s very heart whelming that a lot of people are supporting breast cancer. I hope it keeps up! Let’s spread positivity!

  5. This is really great. Thank you for sharing all these amazing products that support an important cause. I already see some that I really like. 🙂

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