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Must Have Fall Masks

As the weather is changing and fashion is transitioning , how could I forget this seasons most important accessory, masks! After publishing 2 spring and summer mask articles, I figured why stop there! Masks are continuing to be the best way to protect yourself and others from the corona virus. Our family keeps an array of styles and looks to match with our daily looks. Whether you love floral, embroidery, solid colors, or more, these masks will inspire your fall looks.

Don’t forget a mask chain!

‘Tis the season! This is the perfect fall 2020 mask! Comes in both kid and adult sizes.
These basic colors are an amazing set for any age and/or personality. They also are the softest option on this list.
I love this set of 4 masks. Incredibly versatile for any OOTD and season! A great basic set to have.
So fall like! These rich dark tones are the epitome of a fall fashion color palette.
Love always wins! This simple but bold stating mask is a great option for all!
Loving this bright and fall like option. A gorgeous pink that would compliment anyone.
I like that this option transitions well in the holiday season, specifically Christmas! This look great for months to come.
A gorgeous color for fall! I love the little floral print. Subtle but totally feminine.
This unique option reminds me of the bright colors and cultures I miss while traveling.
Simple but not boring! A versatile denim look that offers a bit of love.
Such a classic shabby chic like print. A great option of the girly girls of the world.
Obsessed! Not only do I love tie dye, but these colors on velvet are so stricking!
Be bold! These bright and playful colors add a spin on a solid colored mask.
The detail on these embroidered masks are gorgeous! Such wonderful quality.
I love these colors and this print so much! Amazing for fall but also will transition so pretty in the spring.

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8 thoughts on “Must Have Fall Masks”

  1. These are some great options. It has been so hard to find masks that I really like–maybe because I really don’t like masks, lol. But as long as we need them, we may as well make them match our fashion preferences!

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