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Super Bowl Decor Arriving in Time for the Game

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner! I’m going to be honest, I don’t have a favorite team and I don’t even know who is playing, but I do love a good party! The big game is the perfect excuse to have friends over and show off some new recipes I’ve found. Finger foods and sweet treats are the best ways to celebrate any game day. Dress in your team colors and put up some fun football decorations for a next level party!

Obviously, the halftime show is my favorite part of Super Bowl party games, but another thing I like to do is decorate. So I added a few things to my Amazon cart for a football-themed decoration. Thankfully, prime gets everything here quickly, so it will all be here with enough time for the big event. From party supplies to serving items for snack ideas, I’ve found it all. Here’s everything in my Amazon cart for a successful party to watch the NFL teams play!


A Super Bowl Party decoration is something that could really mean anything. You could run to your local party store, but I’d be afraid everything is taken for Super Bowl decorations. I think it’s safest to stick with Amazon Prime for these type of things or even Walmart because I know their shipping can be quick.

A great way to begin with decorations is to create a snack stadium! Stick to the table and decorate it. You don’t need to make the entire space have team spirit, the snack table is totally enough. Although, it is really fun to put up tons of decor for the big day! Pro tip: put useful things out on the table. I found mini foam footballs to lay out as decoration, but they actually are stress balls! So they can be used during the game. Moreover, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your Super Bowl food recipes on a decorated table.


The perfect Super Bowl party has a menu of delicious Super Bowl snacks. Serveware is something a lot of people forget about until the day of. We need things like utensils, napkins, serving trays or tiered stands to display food, etc. I found a utensil holder that holds all of the utensils and napkins or straws and it’s actually really cute! Furthermore, I’m cooking a lot of my dips and chili recipes in a crock pot, so I found the most adorable option to leave out on the table for people to serve themselves out of.


When I say practicality, I mean how useful is this stuff? Decorations are fun and I like to keep them cheap because they rarely get used again. But things like serving trays, stands or even an air fryer are things that will get a ton of use out of, even outside game day. While I love to have super cute plates, bowls and matching cups, it’s not very practical for game time. I usually aim for paper products because cleaning up after those games is somehow the most difficult task. Everything goes with the theme, is adorable and can just get tossed at the end of the night.

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I don’t know about you, but I am not doing the dishes after that game! It’s also really cute to have everything matching.
I didn’t know it was possible to find the perfect football tablecloth. This one is a great, more neutral option since it’s not full of a design.
An added decor item is to have a banner! It’s a nice touch to add some spirit to the day.
These are great because you can fit so much food on them! They’re easy to clean and move around, too.
I thought these would be cute to have assorted all over the table with food! They actually are stress balls, though, which could come in handy.
Who doesn’t love balloons?! If you’re in a pinch and need some decorations for the party, grab these!
These are meant for cupcakes and I think they’re super cute! But I’ve seen people use them to differentiate which items are gluten or dairy free and I think that’s such a great idea!
This isn’t decor so much, but it’s a necessity! A lot of recipes call for a crock pot to be used and these are great because you can honestly leave them out for people to dish things like chili.
How cute and festive are these?! They are a great addition to a football party.
We need something to dip into! I’m planning on making tons of dips, so I love that this has different sections.
Having different tongs for all of the food options is essential. We don’t want any double dipping!
These are super helpful as it’s one of those last minute things I tend to forget about. It keeps utensils and napkins organized on the table.

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