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Fanny Packs We Love

Have you bought a fanny pack yet? They’re back in style and I’m here for it! I absolutely love this trend. Its practical, cute and keeps things to a minimum. Living in NYC I tend to over stuff my tote or purse and then I’m trekking it all cross town. This look keeps things simple and easy! There are so many designers at all price points created gorgeous pieces for us all! Which ones your favorite?

Wear the rainbow! Stoney Clover is one of my go to’s for all things fun accessories. Accessorize your fanny pack with patches from their 100+ patches!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, tie dye is so on trend. Not only is this fanny pack totally on trend but available at one of our favorite stores of all time, Target!
Could there be a better color? This leather belt bag is a the pop of color any OOTD needs!
Rebecca Minkoff is well known for her always practical and beautiful designs. This fanny pack is full of personality while being a subtle silver.
Gold has a great way of making a statement while still technically being a neutral color. This is definitely an amazing option for someone who has a big personality.
Bao Bao is well known for their fun totes, but did you know they also make fanny packs? This a great quality and geometrical option.
This color is gorgeous! The prettiest blue leather I’ve ever seen.
How cute and summer like are these colors? I love how playful the pastels can be with a more subtle outfit.
Such a classic and versatile fanny pack! This could literally be worn with any look in any season!
I love that this material is sporty but also full of personally. A great accessory for an athleisure outfit.
Just loving this vintage Gucci!
Woven leather construction lends this bag an air of understated elegance.
Loving the detail on this bag!
Loving this round petite style!

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9 thoughts on “Fanny Packs We Love”

  1. I love that these seem to be back in style again. They are great for holding so many things. I’ve always loved them because unlike a purse, it won’t hurt your shoulder since it’s around your waist. I really love the wide variety of ones they have too.

  2. I love the Gucci one! The Fanny packs are so easy to use and perfect for when I don’t want to take my purse.

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