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Sunday Styles: Michael Hill

I have to be honest, when Jason and I were trying for our second child, I was convinced that I would have another boy. He is one of four boys and already having my first boy, I figured a little girl wasn’t in our future. And today, I still cannot get over that we have two girls only 21 months apart. When I watch the two of them together, it reminds me of my sister and I at that age, everything was pink and frilly. Needless to say, when Siella was born, I went overboard on all the girly things, even piercing her ears at 8 months. And then doing the same for Gemma when she was just 7 months!

IMG_5262 IMG_5263

Both girls love wearing earrings. Siella has a collection of studs, and I let her lead the way deciding which pair to wear for each occasion. I happen to have allergies to certain metals, so I make sure all of the earrings for the girls are the highest quality, and made from 14k gold or white gold.


While searching for a few pairs to add to the girls’ collections, I discovered Michael Hill Jewelry, featuring a selection for children, in addition to their vast collection for men and women. Upon receiving my first order, I was extremely pleased with their unique design, sturdy quality, and thoughtful packaging. Each box comes individually wrapped with a bow, making them perfect for gifts a well.


I have since ordered more pieces for the girls, and a few for myself, making Michael Hill my online jeweler of choice. With 30 years of experience, their in-house team of master craftsmen dedicated to creating your future heirlooms and keepsakes. My girls love their new jewels, and I am reassured they are wearing safe and fashionable pieces in their pretty little ears.


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