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Sunday Styles: Little Boogaweezin

Coming from the womens fashion world, and now totally immersed in kids fashion, I love a brand that recognizes a need for cool kids fashion but also something for moms. I recently discovered a hip global brand, Little Boogaweezin which is not only cool street style threads for the modern mama and her mini me’s, but it’s also about a lifestyle. The brand recognizes that modern motherhood is about a woman feeling stylish, sexy, comfortable and chic in her role as a Protector, Lover, Mother.

IMG_6943 IMG_3575

Little Boogaweezin’s pieces are designed with the modern mom in mind as well as their kids, both boys and girls to match their style. The brand was built based around founder, Jen Robert’s dilemma to find the right type clothing that fit her style as a young modern mom; clothes that were fun and cool but also functional allowing her to run around with her kids and look chic doing it.

IMG_3561 IMG_3585

Ryder is wearing their “Modern Kid” tee. Modern kids rule the world. They are the future. Let them wear is loud. They are the game changers in their generation.

Siella is wearing “A Beautiful Heart” tee. A beautiful heart knows when it finds another beautiful heart

Gemma is wearing “Modern Kid Mantra” tee. Because each of our children have a unique mark to make… and because the world really can be a different place if they want it to be. I AM THE FUTURE. I RULE THE WORLD. I WEAR IT LOUD. I AM ONE OF THE GAME CHANGERS IN MY GENERATION. I AM A MODERN KID.

I have on their signature “Protector.Lover.Mother” phrase tee, which is super comfy and so empowering to wear!

Not only can the pieces be styled with just about anything and look super cute but the best part are the inspirational sayings they incorporate into their tees. It’s so hard to choose just one.

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