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Sunday Styles: Hat Attack

I’ve really enjoyed watching Siella’s sense of style evolve as she gets older. Since the summer, she has been enrolled in sewing classes, which has enriched her sense of style, and clearly defined what she likes and does not like. I embrace her creativity however possible, in absolute amazement over what she designs and creates.

Mommy And Me Hat Collection From Hat Attack Mommy And Me Hat Collection From Hat Attack

I thought it would take a few more years but Siella has already started rummaging through my closets. At times, she helps herself to my handbags (not the designer ones!), and I cannot tell you how many times I find my lip gloss missing, in her possession! It’s pretty cute, as this totally brings back memories of the similar situations with my mom when I was growing up.

Mommy And Me Hat Collection From Hat Attack Mommy And Me Hat Collection From Hat Attack

Hats are something else she has started to show some interest in, so I was pretty pumped when Hat Attack reached out recently to share their new mommy and me hat collection. Siella and I were actually able to design our own; a challenge which Siella gladly took on. She chose the hats’ shapes, and picked pom poms, so they could become part of our summer uniforms. We submitted inspiration photos of our style, and voile…mommy and daughter matching hats!  

Mommy And Me Hat Collection From Hat Attack

Hat Attack’s spring collection focuses on their signature raffia and panama hats, as well as straws and fabrics sourced from all over the world. The collection has grown to include beach cover ups and Turkish towels in summer and woven blanket scarves in winter.

I’m pretty excited that she finally has her own hat, so she can stop stealing mine! 

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Hat Attack”

  1. These matching hats are so cute! I love that they take the classic straw hat and spice it up with colourful pom-poms.

  2. Love the hats-you guys are so cute! Good for you to make sure she learns to sew. My mom tried to teach me and I was not cooperative. I am sorry now that I didn’t learn.

  3. I am loving these hats, they are adorable. I am clueless when it comes to hats, but these are so adorable. I need to try to get me a hat 🙂

  4. What a great way to encourage her blossoming creativity and style. I am sure wearing matching hats with her mama is something she’ll remember. You both look adorable in your Hat Attack styles.

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