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Sunday Styles: Bun Toppers

Let’s talk hair accessories! Both girls, more so Gemma are all about styling their hair! Each morning before school she spends quite a bit of time picking out the many bows and clips we have collected over the years for her hair. She knows what hair styles she wants, that I gladly do for her each morning. Her most recent fav (and mine) have been the double buns!

I recently discovered Bun Toppers, which are tiny little character clips that already have a personality of their own. Each pin comes in their own box, along with a unique story. Right now there are eight different characters, for girls to express their own style and personality.

Gemma immediately went nuts for the cute little accessories, playing with them as they are almost too cute not to. Her favorite two characters naturally are Alex (the rocker girl) and Rose (the tap dancer), both personalities clearly fit her perfectly!

Looking forward to collecting all of them! And the cute packaging make these the perfect gift!

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