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Summers Start

I have to say our summer is off to a pretty good start so far. I definitely think we had a late beginning with Ryder just ending school on the 26th, but we have hit the ground running. The weather has been absolutely beautiful in New York City with every weekend filled with sunshine and high temps. We’ve managed to escape the city a bit with day trips to the beach, Sesame Place, visits to friends, and even a week in the Hamptons for the July 4th holiday. And now we are off to Nevis in the West Indies, not bad for day 20 of summer break.



Ryder started camp and absolutely loves it, more so than when he went the previous two years. He gets picked up by a bus three mornings a week and I think he sometimes enjoys the ride to Long Island more so. I have definitely seen such a change in him since I last wrote about what was happening with him. I think the stress of school is gone, and we are all enjoying this much needed time off. Siella and Gemma are home with me and our days are filled with trips to the park and beach, and even a music class. Siella is also going to be starting ballet camp next week and hasn’t stopped talking about it. She’s been missing it since her semester ended. It’s incredible that we are all just enjoying one another’s company. And although we have all these activities planned, it’s somehow all done on our own time, our own schedule with no stress or rushing.



I thought I had everything planned out for the remainder of the summer, but we wound up getting the results back from when we took Ryder to the behavioral therapist. We got hit with a few curve balls and basically need to start on some therapies when we return from our trip next week. I will talk more about it in another post, but for now I am just digesting what we were told and enjoying the summer fun activities.

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Jason has been gone for the past week and a half in California and will be meeting us on vacation this Saturday. My sister manned up to help me fly with the kids, so the two of us will make our voyage tonight. I’m a little nervous traveling without Jason since I’ve never done so by myself with the kids, but think my sis will be able to give me the extra hands. I think I will finally breath once we make it down there.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we have! xx

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4 thoughts on “Summers Start”

  1. I am sorry to hear about your son, but it sounds like you are taking the proper actions and will get it all sorted out. I am glad to see you are enjoying your summer as well. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip to Nevis.

  2. Looks like your summer is incredible so far. I love that you are such a mama on the go. Those kids are so lucky to have an adventurous mama.

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