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Summer Entertaining Made Easy

Summer entertaining is one of my favorite parts of the season. Backyard barbecues, pool parties, and beach picnics add so much fun to the season, and they’re also the perfect opportunity to connect and bond with friends and family. This year, I’m focusing on making summer entertaining easier with BJ’s Wholesale Club. They’ve changed the game when it comes to my shopping by making things so much more convenient for me.

Thank you BJ’s Wholesale Club for sponsoring this post.

BJs Wholesale Club has all the essentials for summer entertaining

Summer Entertaining with BJ’s Warehouse

As a wife, mom of three, and full-time blogger, I am beyond busy. There’s always something that needs to be done. That never-ending rollercoaster schedule can make it hard for me to put together any sort of get-together since I’m usually playing catch-up on the weekends. That’s why I’m taking full advantage of the new ways that BJ’s Warehouse can help me plan and execute some great summer entertaining without losing my mind.

From food to gear, BJs Warehouse has everything we need for summer entertaining

BJ’s Warehouse Perks

BJ’s Warehouse makes it more convenient than ever for members to shop with them. With same-day grocery delivery, buy online, pick up in-club, digital Add-to-Card coupons and even more products on BJs.com, it’s easier than ever to find everything we need, find it fast, and get it all in less time. It’s a concept that they call ClubVenience, and it is as convenient as the name implies. In addition to convenience, we can save up to 25% off regular grocery store prices, so we save time and money. If you’re like me, that’s a big, big plus for you.

Summer entertaining food and gear from BJs Warehouse

On top of their in-club pick-up service, they also offer a wide variety of products perfect for summer entertaining in addition to food. When I head to my local BJ’s, I know I’ll find the latest tech along with awesome seasonal products like patio furniture, grills, beach toys and other items that make my entertaining so much better. It’s a one-stop shop, and with my schedule, I need that!

Trunk full of summer entertainment items from BJs Warehouse

Cart full of summer gear from BJs Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale is truly helping me make summer entertaining easier and saving me time and money along the way. With their Add-to-Cart coupons, buy online, pick up in-club, huge savings, and an expanded selection of items…. if you’re not a member, what are you waiting for?


We rely on Bjs Warehouse for all the food and gear we need for Summer entertaining.

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13 thoughts on “Summer Entertaining Made Easy”

  1. And all of this is why I love BJ’s so much. They make it so easy to shop, and they make it cheaper, too. You can’t really beat that.

  2. Now is definitely the time to prep for all of the outdoor events. I’ll have to stop into BJ’s for some backyard and beach supplies!

  3. Looks like a great place to get summer items. I wish we had this store closer to us. We don’t have one nearby that I know of. I do love wholesale clubs though. They’re the best.

  4. Looks like BJs has just about everything your family could want. What a great selection of products at great prices for mom, dad and the kids.

  5. I like what difference they are doing with the market. This is way easier than going to the grocery not having any idea to what are you buying. This is simply awesome.

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