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Strolling Through Union Square

As always, just when I finally get my groove on for fall, the holiday season comes rushing in, and my schedule gets turned upside down again. It is amazing how much I manage to cram into one week, and when I look at my calendar, sometimes my head spins. Helming this ship takes precision and style, but the last thing I have time for is fussing over fashion. The days of standing in front of the closet for an hour, playing dress-up, are over. I need to get it together quick but I still need to look good through it all.


I have always had a hard time picking out shoes. So many options…I want to wear heels but not so high that they slow me down, and not so flat that I look like I’m wearing slippers! I need footwear that will take me from meetings, to events, to school functions, to a day out with the family, or to the rare gathering with friends. This weekend was all about family time, so we headed to Union Square for a visit with Santa, followed by browsing the holiday shops and a quick run in the playground.

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I still love my booties and I can’t live without several cool sneakers, but over-the-knee boots are kind of my new obsession, because they give you legs for days. The extended shaft height really slims the leg and makes it look a mile long, plus they do tend to keep you warmer. Whether I am rocking a casual, dressed-up, basic or boho look, the over-the-knee style compliments my wardrobe seamlessly, which further suits my busy schedule.


These Frye Clara Over-The-Knee have officially become part of my new uniform. The mid-heel gives me enough height, while still offering enough flexibility and movement, so I can comfortably wear them all day. I love Frye’s versatility because they can be worn with my jeans during the day, or with a dress to an evening event. The Clara is available on Zappos in plenty of colors, and in leather and suede finishes. I am wearing the Cashew Oiled Suede but I am also eying a basic black leather pair too!


Zappos makes ordering easy, and you can rest at ease if you order multiple shoes and sizes, because shipping and returns are free, and the returns are honored for up to 365 days! It’s become one of my top online stops for holiday gifts for my entire family, because they sell shoes, bags, accessories, even clothing.

And with Zappos’ new Rewards Program, members can earn points per purchase, for logging into Zappos.com on a mobile device and by writing reviews. Rewards Points can be redeemed in various ways, like being applied toward purchases. There is no membership fee, or minimum spending requirement to join the program, but remember to do so, so you can reap benefits like early access to exclusive products, sales and much more!


Excited to have spent the entire day with my family, doing things I love the most, and feeling good in my new OTK boots!

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  1. I’ve read a lot about frye boots over the years and have always wanted to purchase a pair but not knowing what kind of quality they are (ie:wear and tear) especially for the price I always hesitate to grab some. I was wondering what your impressions were about how they hold up and whether they’re worth the price?

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