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The Summer Straw

We are a few years deep into the basket bag trend that just won’t quit. From oversized beach totes and itty-bitty woven baskets, handbag designers everywhere have adopted straw, wicker, rattan, and even bamboo into their collections and we have rounded up our favs here! Tell me which one is your fav?

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7 thoughts on “The Summer Straw”

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thank you for reminding me. I used to have a straw bag, but I did not give it the proper care in storing it so it does not look nice anymore. I will get a new one soon. The one with the blue accent is cute. Might get that.

  2. These are all so awesome! I don’t carry a normal purse anymore at the moment but I’d love to grab any one of these for fun outings this summer!

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