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Happenings in the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center

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This winter, Jason and I will be celebrating 15 years of living in Battery Park City! We came downtown from Chelsea, in search for more space, and I remember like it was yesterday taking the girls from my showroom down here for their opinions on the apartments we were considering. This was of course B.C. (before children), with only two little furry puppies. We weren’t even married at the time. The neighborhood was still in a state of rebuilding and we were mostly drawn to the water views; not to mention, my best friend Julie lived around the corner.

To say the transformation over the past 15 years has been epic is a major understatement. Post 9/11, most shops, restaurants, and businesses left for Midtown or beyond, leaving behind maybe two boutiques and three restaurants. Streets were desolate, and nights were extremely quiet. To be honest we hardly spent much time down here, except for time spent in the apartment, because it was much larger than our previous pad.

Over the years, Jason and I had children, and the neighborhood changed- drastically! With each child, we looked to move out of the city, but something kept pulling us back. The area was developing and families were moving in. The children loved their friends, their schools, and the countless new playgrounds. Eventually, the shops started to trickle back, new restaurants and bars sprouted, and somehow, developers found more land to build additional high rises in this tiny neighborhood of NYC and growing zip code.

Watching the Freedom Tower and Oculus go up seems like ages ago, since now we are surrounded by many new sky scraping steel structures. I remember the first time walking with the kids through the Oculus, as their little eyes lit up. The massive wings of the building hover overhead, as you walk through its massive belly. Ryder initially called it the dinosaur building, because its exterior spine structure reminded him of a Stegosaurus. 

Whether I am catching a train to my office, cutting underground during rainy weather, shopping or noshing, we find ourselves in the Oculus, practically on a daily basis. The shops and restaurants have become our usual neighborhood jaunts, especially since Eataly has opened its doors! I stop there for groceries, or just a fun pizza night out with the kids! They even offer cooking classes for individuals, or the entire family! With Father’s Day upon us, we plan on signing up for one of their upcoming classes: Cookies for Dad on Saturday June 16th, or a Family Pasta Cooking Class on June 24th! More details can be found here. 

And I’m not going to lie, but the shopping part has been a bit of a problem for me. I literally shop ’til I drop in the WWTC (Westfield World Trade Center). I’ve managed to curb my spending habits somewhat, but when it first opened I went totally nuts, as did some of my friends! With shops like H&M, & Other Stories, Sam Edelman, UGG, Havaianas, and plenty more, its hard stay away. There are even beauty shops, jewelry stores, an express manicure salon, and liquor shops, all under one roof.

I am super excited to have teamed up these amazing Westfield World Trade Center shops to offer all SITC readers a discount through June 26th.  

20 % off at & Other Stories 

15% off at Rituals

10% off at Pure Liquid Wine & Spirits 

Just mention STROLLERINTHECITY to the staff before checking out. 

Last summer, Westfield World Trade Center introduced the “Tribeca Drive In Westfield Dinner & a Movie” right under the Oculus. Take your kids, or maybe leave them with a sitter for date night, to watch a movie, outdoors on the big screen. Seating is provided, and best of all, its 100% free of charge!  Movie season kicks off again this weekend. Check out what’s playing!

Thursday: La La Land

Friday: Chef

Saturday: Princess and the Frog

 To see the full schedule this summer head over here.  

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I absolutely love that we get to call Battery Park City home, while simultaneously sharing it millions of people from around the world, who have started to flock here over over the years! Be sure to put Westfield World Trade Center on your list of summer destinations. I promise you will easily spend an entire day there with the kiddies. I know we do!

For a complete list of shops and restaurants click here!

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21 thoughts on “Happenings in the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center”

  1. I will be back in the area in November and will definitley check out the oculus when I am there. What a cool place.

  2. WOW! I didn’t realize there was so much to do right there. I have not been back to New York City since 2000. I know so much is changed since then and I know I need to come explore it again. It looks like you all had a great time.

  3. We are not city people at all but do enjoy visiting and taking in the sites, shops and restaurants. Wonderful you have stayed to see the changes that have happened and are happening.

  4. That sounds awesome! I do love treating myself to a shopping spree and with all those choices, it’s going to be tough to limit myself. Thanks for the update on what’s up in WWTC!

  5. I would love to travel to NYC and see the Occulus now that it’s finished! The last time I was on town it was still being built and I didn’t get to see it up close and personal…Booooo!

  6. Wow, congratulations on you team up with WWTC! I will take note of this one so I can consider this whenever I got the chance to visit the place in the coming months.

  7. Wow that architecture is AMAZING. I love that. I wish I was in the area would love to check it out. So beautiful and looks like fun.

  8. I’ve never explored much of this place whenever we go to NYC! I think I totally should, especially since there’s a huge chance that I’m going to enjoy all the shopping!

  9. That is quite the place to shop! I would have trouble controlling myself there! Looks like you all had a great time!

  10. Gemille Sleweon

    Wow, this is so amazing! I’m actually headed to NYC tomorrow for a summer internship. I would love to visit here!

  11. Living in a place accessible to everything is what most people are looking for and you are lucky to be living in one wonderful area. I’m sure the price of living there can be quite exorbitant but at the end of the day you are happy because all that you need to make your life a breeze is just within your reach.

  12. We love the Eataly there, and last tried the pasta restaurant there for Jim’s birthday— so delicious. It’s great to have a discount at Pure Liquid. They have a great selection of rose wine for summer— thank you! ??

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