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St. Patrick’s Day Kids Fashion

Dressing up for holidays is so much fun! I have so many great memories of dressing up as a kid, even if it’s just pajamas, it makes the day that much more special. St. Patrick’s Day is an especially lively holiday to dress up for because we get to go all out with the color green. More importantly, dressing up is a form of self expression for your child. There are so many fun children’s clothes and accessories to make this day a spirited one for your kids.

Here are 15 clothing items and accessories for your kids to wear this St. Patrick’s Day!

Why Do We Wear Green?

Green is the color of the day. On St. Patrick’s Day, we wear green for so many reasons it seems. For example, the Irish flag is green, leprechauns wear green, you don’t need to explain a reason to get me to wear color! Furthermore, I love bright colors and the green is a fun one to support the holiday and Irish people.


 I remember dressing up at school for St. Patrick’s Day and how cool it was to see everyone decked out in their gear. It’s not like Halloween, but real clothes that can be every day pieces. That’s the best part about the items I have found for you all to enjoy; they can be worn year round! Moreover, some are great green pieces to have in your closet as a staple item and some are neutral products that have a cute holiday-related saying


In conclusion, some people like to keep it more on the casual side, and I totally respect that. I’ve found some items that aren’t as flashy and in your face like a neon clover might be, although that is really fun! For instance, Leprechauns have a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and maybe just the rainbow itself is enough for your to sport that day. Similarly, a muted green bow can give the same effect. It’s all up to you!

Have a happy and healthy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who celebrate!

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Firstly, I love that this sweatshirt is pink! It’s so fun and a great way to sport more color on the holiday.
How sweet is this dress?! I can see this being a great dress to wear on Easter or throughout the summer, too.
There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! This backpack is seriously too cute! Additionally, It’s a piece that can be worn year round, but has some symoblic meaning for the holiday at the same time.
This is a really nice shirt for your boys! I think it would also make a great Easter piece, or look so good in a family picture.
This dress is incredibly comfortable, so it’s perfect to wear to school or lounge on the weekend in. Furthermore, the green works well for St. Paddy’s Day, while remaining a closet staple.
We all know how much of a bow fan I am. I think the velvet adds great texture to the outfit, and this can be worn with so many things!
The “Lucky Charm” phrasing was too cute to pass up! I love this shirt because it is gender neutral and can be worn any day, but especially St. Patrick’s Day!
I think this dress is too cute! Another great Easter option or just a nice dress to have in your child’s wardrobe for special occasions.
This brand makes some of the very best quality pajamas out there! This set is so sweet and could definitely be worn all winter and fall.
Once again, great quality pajamas! My girls love nightgowns, they are dress fans, so any dress they can sleep in is a win! And it’s perfect for the holiday!
Any set is a great purchase! This comes with 3 pieces that are super comfortable and neutral enough to be versatile.
We are fans of sets over here! This one screams spring to me and I love the ruffle edge details.
If you’re looking for something specifically for the holiday, this is for you! It’s a really cute graphic tee that even has the four leaf clover!
Boys love their joggers! And for good reason, they are so comfy. Above all, this green pair is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!
I thought this was so cute! I love how it’s versatile, yet specific enough still for the holiday.

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8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Kids Fashion”

  1. St. Patrick’s day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the outfit pieces you picked out for the kids to wear on that day. As well as be able to wear any time of the year.

  2. sara lafountain

    I just picked up that rainbow backpack for my daughter. She will just love to bring that to school on St. Patrick’s Day.

  3. Melissa Cushing

    Such cute outfits for the kiddos and for anytime 😉 I definitley ahve to pick somethign up for my niece for St Patricks Day 😉

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