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Spring Nail Colors We Are Obsessed With

Having a whole new nail set for every season is something I love to do. It’s fun to try out different colors and nail designs to see what I can enjoy for a whole new season. Spring nail trends are fun because they are brighter than winter or fall nails. You can try out a funky design or go for the Pantone color of the year to do something playful. Personally, I like to live the fun nail life, so I am constantly stepping out of my comfort zone and going for bright colors, pastel shades, summer nail colors on french tips and a modern twist on floral designs. Trendy spring nails can also be on the neutral side, they don’t have to be all playful floral nails. The chrome on top of any nail shape and spring colors in itself is on trend while not making you step way out of your comfort zone. Save these ideas for your next appointment for the most beautiful nails this spring!

spring nail trends

Light Pink

For a fresh mani for those of you who may have formal occasions to attend this season, I’d recommend a pale pink. A lot of people swear by the one coat of funny bunny, two coats of bubble bath all from OPI for the perfect pale pink. It is pretty perfect, if I must say! And a great option for those of you who may be getting engaged with spring or summer!


Pastels are fun colors that are muted enough to be worn into the fall and of course, begin in the spring. They are so feminine and pretty and tones that tend to be fairly versatile. A pale pink, purple tone or a pale sage green are all stunning for the springtime.

Pink Glaze Top Coat

These are Hailey Bieber-inspired nails and I am all about that! They have a glaze on them, which I think has a really nice tone, while staying fun!

spring nail trends

Barely There

If you haven’t heard of this nail trend yet, it’s a tone that is close to your natural nail color. The cool thing about this is that it gives off an incredibly squeaky clean look and is polished. This is the most professional nail trend of the spring if you have certain work rules or special occasions coming up.

Floral Designs

Finally, I have to include some sort of floral or vintage-inspired nail design in this list! LoveShackFancy did a collaboration with Impress Nails recently to create the most adorable and dainty press-ons I’ve ever seen. They feature an ombré look with lavender and pink, which is my dream combination! The nails are finished off with botanical designs to create fun for your hands!

spring nail trends

French Tip with Design

The best way to walk out of the nail salon is with a classic french manicure. Don’t hate on it, that design is a classic! But you can always make it your own the perfect way! Add heart shapes or a different color for your french tips to take them to the next level.

Neutral French

Here we have another french option. I told you, I do love it! A french with a great pink as a base always makes the manicure more fun. I love the teeny tiny heart accent. I think I would do it on one nail, but these two are super cute!

Negative Space

Here is an interesting concept! Negative space is focusing on the portions of the nail that don’t get the most attention- the outer corners. Choose a color and have your base coat be a light shade of it. The outer four corners can have a darker shade of that same color in abstract shapes or a cool drip design. It’s futuristic!

spring nail trends


Spring colors definitely include orange! This is not necessarily a bright orange or neon that is in style for the season. I would say that a pale orange almost like a creamsicle shade could be really pretty to try out while not going totally neon or bright. Currently, cute spring nails are on the colorful side while maintaining a softness.


My girls and I love purple and while this tends to fall under the pastel section, it can be its own. There are so many different shades of purple and within that, several shades of light purple that people can consider lavender or lilac. This is a color I have also been loving for pedicures lately, especially with some fun upcoming trips!

spring nail trends

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Keep calm & paint your nails.
Keep calm & paint your nails.

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