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SITC hosts Rose & Rex Shopping Event

This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting SITC.

When I heard Rose & Rex were holding a Pop-Up Shop at Kidville on the Upper East Side, I immediately knew that I wanted to be involved! Rose & Rex is a toy boutique, offering curated content and a selection of elegantly designed toys that promote imaginative play.

Rose & Rex feels imaginative play is the creative language of childhood that supports all facets of development. Every toy in their collection is thoughtfully selected by education professionals, teachers, and child development experts to foster well-rounded skill building. Their mission is to give every child an opportunity to play, which is why they Play It Forward with every purchase.

To kick off a new giving initiative with charity Second Chance Toys, Rose & Rex hosted a Moms Night Out shopping event with Peanut and Stroller in the City, at their pop up at Kidville on the Upper East Side. For every toy sold, they donated five toys via Second Chance Toys to children in need. The event, which included moms and online influencers from all over the NYC area, was a huge success.

It was great to see these toys that I’ve been tracking online in actual real life. I scooped up a bunch for this upcoming holiday season, and these purchases felt good, knowing that I was simultaneously contributing to Second Chance Toys.

I am a huge fan of everything on the Rose & Rex website, but here is a roundup of my favorites!


Bird Wings // City Scape Building Blocks // Dancing Cat and Mouse

Tea set // Unicorn Kit // Dollhouse // Building House 

Princess Mouse & The Pea // Women Who Dared Block Set // Fairy House Kit

My girlfriends and I had some fun using the fun DIY props at the the photo booth that evening! Thank you again Rose & Rex, for inviting me co-host this super fun and special event!

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14 thoughts on “SITC hosts Rose & Rex Shopping Event”

  1. It looks like they have lots of cute stuff for little ones. I spy some stuff I want to get for my younger nieces and nephews.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That looks like such a fun event! Ever photo I see here and every paragraph I read gets me more and more excited for the holidays.

  3. This looks like such an amazing store! That is so wonderful that they are giving so many toys away with every purchase! What a wonderful way to give back during the holiday season.

  4. Wow! 5 toys donated for every one toy sold! That’s fantastic. I am already loving this Rose and Rex store. I will check their website and see how I can help push this campaign forward.

  5. This looks like such a cool, and fun event! I had not heard of Rose and Rex before, but their toys are amazing!

  6. It’s awesome that they donated so many toys with each purchase. The event sounded great! This is going to make a lot of people very happy.

  7. Such a beautiful event. I love the initiative, it’s really all about making children in need happy while also getting your children something that they’ll love.

  8. Totally sounds like a lovely event! It would be nice to get gifts for the kids here because you’ll also be helping other children out! I just love it.

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